Which Lamination Machine?

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Hi Everyone!

We build cornhole boards and are getting ready to purchase a Roland VG2-540 printer to print our cornhole wraps.  

My sales rep recommended a Sigmont 55/65H Heat Assist Laminator - they seem so expensive!  $5,195-$5595. I'm OK purchasing it if it's good quality and fairly easy to use but I see several other machines at half the price. 

I am a complete printer newbie and have no idea what to even look for in a laminator except that it needs to be able to print at least 54in wide. Any suggestions? 

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a good unit like Royal Sovereign is going to be expensive - especially ones with heat assist.  I used a Daige for years which is a cold roller and you will have some silvering for a couple of hours but worked great and had 2 of them over the 7 years I did printing with the roland printers 

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