CT630-z faulty "driver protected" message

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Creation CS630 fault finding help required!

Hi everyone. First of all, I'm an electronics engineer with a pretty strong background in CNC and 3d printing, so I'm not completely out of my comfort zone here, but am after some pointers if I can. 

I've been given a dead cs630-z by a friend. He said the screen started flickering and then smoke came out of the left hand end near the IEC input. I figured dead power supply and said I'd take it rather than see it go in the skip. Ultimately if I even rescue some steppers and belts etc. from it it's better than nothing. 

I still thought it was worth having a go at getting it working, so I powered it up (with a wince as I flicked the switch) and surprisingly it ran up. 
Thinking I'd miraculously fixed it I took it offline and tried to move an axis using the controls. As soon as I do I get the message "Pause, Driver Protected, Waitting" (complete with the typo). That's then it, it just sits there. 

I've checked the 3 power supply rails and they're all there. Nothing looks burnt and all the cables seem seated. I can only guess that a stepper motor or its driver has failed as that's all I can think would logically cause an error message like that. 
Just wondered if anyone had seen this message or issue before to help me narrow things down before I start fault finding? 

I realise it's not the world's best machine and I don't want to lose tens of hours on it, but it's more use to me working than broken for parts, so if I can fix it'd be nice. 


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I was thinking this might be the case! Might see if I can replace the stepper drivers first - they should be pretty standard. 

If not, I've won a few parts at least!


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