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This is about Illustrator.  But I put it here as it's more of a CorelDraw thing.  Draw defaults to a one handed mouse wheel zoom.  I have done this for years.  I set Inkscape to this behavior as well.  Illustrator can mouse wheel zoom, but you have to hold down alt.  This is such a tedious thing to adapt to mentally.  It is one of the prime reasons I don't fiddle in Illustrator.  On another post a guy said you could now set Illustrator to do this.  So I gave it a try.  Nope, still can't.  Some what undaunted, I began exploring.  I found a autohotkey script that makes Illustrator do the one handed mouse wheel zoom.  I thought I would post here as I imagine it is a thorn for many Draw users that use Illustrator time to time.  The mouse wheel zoom, for those that don't know is like a zoom pan scroll all in one as you can zoom out at one point, (where the cursor is pointing,) and back in at another point, up, down, left or right.  Plus you can hold your coffee with the other hand.

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