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I'm trying to print an photo using contour cut wizard. I'm trying put my cut line into the boarder but it vectorizes the whole image. What I want is to put cutbox around the photo so I can adjust the cut-line.

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The way to create your graphic is as follows.

First do what Macon explained. Remove the pictures background.

The next step is to make a box. Once the box is made select fill tools, and under fill style check the circle for none. This will make your box invisible essentially creating a border for your graphic.

Then select wire frame mode to be able to see the invisible box. Manipulate the box's size around your graphic.

The next step is to right click on the box, and select object and display tools. Then select order, and send to back to put the box behind your graphic allowing the graphic to be viewable. Once your happy with the graphics position within the box select both the box, and your graphic then right click , and select group to make them a single piece of geometry. Once this is completed when you click on the graphic it will manipulate both images together.

Your next step is to create your cut contour lines using the contour cut module. You'll find the invisible box will be traced around making you a border for your graphic.

Writing this process takes much longer than completing the task as most things do with software.

Please turn off caps locks when typing as its considered yelling, and disrespectful.

Thank you.

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