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Could someone help me with a default font, I choose a font , click on my page and the font reverts to arial 24pt. Any help will be appreciated . Thanks, Mark

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To change the default font:


- Choose pick tool

- With nothing selected on the page, go to "text properties" docker and choose the font you'd like for your default from the drop-down menu

- A small window named "change document defaults" will open

- choose "Artistic text" (and any others you wish to change)

- Click ok and your done


To make a font change without changing the Arial Default:


- Choose Artistic Text icon (letter "A" in the toolbar on the left)

- Click the page so the flashing cursor appears

- Choose your font from the drop-down at the top or the text properties docker

- DO NOT click work space, just start typing and it will be the font you selected




- Type your word(s) out using the default Arial

- Then double click everything you'd like to change or hold left click and drag over everything (while still having the Artistic text tool icon selected)

- This will highlight your selections in blue

- Go to the font drop-down again and choose the font you'd like. Then click off the text to remove the blue highlight once you are done.

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