Copam asks for paper type (size) when turn on

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My Copam CP-2500 started asking for Paper Type when I turn it on.

When I select "No" so It doesn't measure, the head does not move to the left.

It gets stuck on start position on the right, even if I send something to cut it just move vertical and the head goes up and down.


So now for some reason I have to let the cutter measure so the head can move to the left but not all the way since it measures until the pinch roller.


How can I set the cutter to move freely without measuring first as before?


Thanks in advance.

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That never show up before on my first screen... It always says "FUNCTION SELECT" and I could move freely left and right all the way to the end.

Why that first screen changed all of the sudden?


Thanks for looking that up.

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