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My copam is not able to cut what i need it to and customer support will not help me without a phone line so after hrs of designing something for the perfect fit I cant cut it. :( So I am looking for help.

Can someone take my signblazer image and convert it into scal or at least to an svg file. Pretty please!!I have a cricut and can at least use that with multi cut and get it done.

Dad Face PlateJune15_2013_a.SBD 


For some reason my signblazer will not export the file.

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Try this...

Is there a way you can try to join the middle bottom center line?

I went to use it and it has a gap in the center section bottom. I should have test cut a while ago. I tried to add nodes but now i'm getting a skip in the cut corner and that center part needs to be removed for the customer. Thanks, I appreciate your help. Sorry for the long delay I had to wait for the vinyl to get here.

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i usually convert the image using an image converter,which supports to convert image effectively.

But i've never tried to convert signblazer image before using this converter.I believe there is a third

party program which supports to convert signblazer image.You can choose one.

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