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Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks - long time viewer, first time asker. I have a CE5000-60 which has been working with no issues. All of a sudden I started getting cuts which weren’t pulling from the backing easily - it looks like one part of a cut isn’t being complete (see the S for an example). I figured it was a dull blade so replaced it but it kept happening. I now have a feeling it’s related to where the cuts start and the blade not facing the right direction. My test cuts below all show a similar issue at the bottom right of the triangle. Every other bit is fine. The S is a bit exaggerated as I pulled the vinyl and its ripped a bit, but its happened because the cut wasn't clean. I''ve never had this issue in the year I've owned it. I then thought it might be the blade holder seeing as it’s original so I’ve changed that to a different blade holder (and blade) but the issue is still there, exactly the same as before. The cutting strip is in an ok condition, but this happens all the way along (including the cutting strip but with no issues). Any ideas on what’s causing this? Nothing seems loose on the device itself, everything is quite sturdy - I've checked the carriage etc. The only thing I can think of that happened near to this happening (but sure it started before but can’t remember) is I had to use a carrier mat for a smaller piece of vinyl I had to cut after printing on A4 - but I don’t know if I’m just blaming that (causation≠correlation and all that). Thanks for any help! Nick
  2. lou667

    Perpetual Syncing

    I have a CE5000-60 which used to work great. I disconnected it for a month or two and during that time I must have gone through some updates. I now run OS X El Capitan (10.11.1), Illustrator CC2015 with the cutting master 3 plugin. When I send a job from illustrator to cutting master, it just gets stuck on syncing. Nothing happens. I have checked to make sure that the cutter is on GP-GL, which is one of the main issues I have read with communication problems. But even with the right setting, it still doesn't work! Has anyone else had any issues that are similar? Could it be my OS or illustrator version or something that I just can't seem to find? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Vinil The Kid

    Cutting Master 3 don't work

    downoaled the New version, Ver.2.2.881but it doesn't work, keeps on "Synch cutter" and the work goes to hold. I use Adobe Illustrator CC and 6 (in both cases doesn't work)
  4. Hi there! I'm starting up a shop, based 95% on internet ordering, and I will be offering various ordinary things like letters for mailboxes, funny stickers for cars etc. After googling a lot, I've come down to the three machines mentioned in the subject. If money was not an issue, there would be no doubt that one of the 2 24" machines would be my first pick! I will be starting on a hobby basis, so when I compare these machines, I have a few questions / infos, just to know if the Stika will fullfil my needs: Speed will not be an issue - since I will be selling via the internet, most of the jobs will be 1 to 1, so that the machine is able to produce 200 equal stickers i no time, that is not something that's going to sell it alone for me. The price of materials in 15" compared to 24" is way too high here in Denmark, actually I found several shops selling 24" rolls cheaper than 15" (I know this has to do with the cutting of the large rolls) - but as I see it, if the materials are so damn expensive compared, I assume it wouldn't take long to earn the extra money spent on the larger machine? Is the cutting quality of the Stika good enough, compared to the other two? I can see that there are no real options for setting the blade on the Stika? I run Mac with Illustrator (being in the graphic business as my dayjob), so Illustrator compatibility is a must! I know that on the 24" machines, I can run jobs that are +10 meters, but again, I wouldn't need it normally, since I'm not interested in people showing up for doing a complete car / truck job in one piece! As you can see, I'm only in love with the price of the Stika, but would really like one of the other machines, except if one of you tell me that I would be better with the extra money on my bank account If the Stika is not good enough, which one of the GX-24 or CE-5000 should I get? I must admit that I'm quite picky about quality of the jobs done, would rather pay a few hundred bucks to be able to deliver the real quality, than saving it here and now (I'm working in a digital print business as my dayjob, using NexPress and HP Indigo). I would like answers to be influenced by knowledge and experience, and not religion - I've been googling GX-24 vs CE-5000, and most goes like "I've never used anything that xxx, and I'll be doing it till the day I die"! Please feel free to ask about anything I've unintentionally forgotten to tell / ask for! /Tommy