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  1. PistonandPearlsDesigns

    Faux Leather

    I have a MH 871-MK2 and i want to cut faux leather. I turned my pressure all the way up to 600 and it still did not cut it. Has anyone done this or can help me out? Thanks Kim
  2. PistonandPearlsDesigns

    Which Vinyl Do I Need?

    The surface is a small bit bumpy. Everyone selling them just list materials as heat transfer vinyl not particular type of vinyl. Thanks so much.
  3. PistonandPearlsDesigns

    Which Vinyl Do I Need?

    Hello everyone! I am wanting to make a monogram tote bag for myself. I found the the faux leather tote bag at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $11. Everyone on etsy selling these for $25 or more. I have a uscutter plotter. The problem is I don't know which heat transfer vinyl works on this type of material. Everywhere I have read says this material is a pvc not leather. Please if anyone has made these and know which vinyl works I would appreciate them letting me know. Thanks