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  1. Beardown

    Beardown Baby!!

    Its been along time what have I missed? DOWN
  2. Beardown

    Help please one color

    Lol my bad here is the AI file
  3. Beardown

    Help please one color

  4. Beardown

    Help please one color

    My vector magic is being retarded today...Anyway can anyone help with this logo...Need it all one color Much Love for any help on this The backround is a raster the top layer is .eps DOWN EXW_logo-1.eps EXW_logo-1.eps
  5. use S&S activewear...if you want light shirt use 5.4oz if you want "normal" shirt use 6.1oz if you want full color designs what are you using your cutter for??? you want to screenprint or transfer to the garments
  6. Beardown

    A quick one i did today...

    sweet ass sweet
  7. Beardown

    wet application

    Get a spray bottle.....fill almost to the top with warm water ...add about two capfuls of isopropy alcohol .... a drop of dish soap. and you have rapid tach 2 ...
  8. Beardown

    glass etching

    All you have to do is cut apply and blast that is it. I tired different pressures to see what the vinyls blast through pressure was and it is around 140 and etch at 40 so no need for anything elaborate i said ....cut ...apply ....and blast
  9. Beardown

    Cornhole Business Looking to Drop the Paintbrush

    Where are you at in Illinois.. I do cornhole boards and bags as well. If you need help setting up a cutter or graphics on boards just let me know. BEARdown
  10. Beardown

    Decals in stores

    remember use clear app tape when selling in stores
  11. Beardown

    Mitten right font

    Thank you I found the whole family as well thanks Again !!
  12. Beardown

    Mitten right font

    I am looking for the mitten right font. ?? Thanks BEARDOWN
  13. Beardown

    looking for a font like this

    want me to email it to you?
  14. Beardown

    looking for a font like this

    Hey tater I have eckmann font but it will not let me post it ..................says its not allowed Down
  15. Beardown

    Looking for a worm on a fishing hook?

    i have this if you need it