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    Small Font Cuts

    I have a MH871-MK2 that wont cut small fonts or good detail. I have set the pressure like all the down, and the cut speed to the lowest. i have tried a 45 degree and a 60 degree blade and nothing. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  2. rlucio210

    Hello from Texas

    Hello all new to the forums..I have an MH-871 - MK2. having a slight issue do i post that here or in another thread? Thanks for your time
  3. rlucio210

    Hello from Texas

    Thanks all
  4. can i ask what cut speed and pressure you guys are running?
  5. i used a piece of scrap vinly and cit circles in it enough to where it didnt go through the backing
  6. it had been cutting fine butthen it started to go crazy lol i replaced the blade and still doing it
  7. when you say blade holder do you mean the silver holder the whole thing?i have only hadthe machine a few months
  8. would this be the same as on a 871 - mk2 mine started doing the wavy and rippled cuts. not sure what is causing that the wheels are on the track and all
  9. rlucio210

    Hello from Texas

    Thank you