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  1. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    Not quite sure but that is true because when I had issues for the 1st time ever I think it was then but that was back in Jan I think.
  2. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I will do that. (hook it back up)
  3. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I have the LaserPoint II and I did have it but another tech told me a few months back I didn't really need it so I unhooked it.
  4. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    Do you know what my settings are supposed to look like? The tech changed a bunch of things in my computer and the program and I would like to get them back to somewhat normal so I can cut a few pieces at a time if I have to go that route until I get this piece.
  5. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    Also thanks for the quick reply
  6. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I'm sure its the wrong one but I bought the "Ativa USB to Serial" from office depot because I told the phone service tech that it was the closest to me without ordering online while they were doing remote desktop help.
  7. Youtubitall

    USB to Serial

    I understand there are already posts about this subject but I am getting NO WHERE... I bought the adapter I have drivers updated and when I open Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3 and go to test it the program freezes and shuts off... What is it that I am doing wrong or can someone simply walk me through it... The usb is bad so I am trying to get it fixed and get this big order done... Thanks in advance.