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    Heat press pillow

    Everyone talks about how necessary it is to have a press pillow. Do they really help that much? Do people use them on every press they do? And does it need to be a certain size? The only ine uscutter has is a 16x20 and my press is a little smaller than that.
  2. leword

    Help! 15x15 heat press

    Yes that is the one I have! I figured it had something to do with that. It's surprising to get a machine with no instructions or explanations of the parts!
  3. leword

    Help! 15x15 heat press

    I did a monogram on a practice shirt and some of the edges are kinda peeling up. Is that a sign the temp wasn't high enough?
  4. leword

    Help! 15x15 heat press

    Hello!! I just got a 15x15 digital swing arm heat press from us cutter. And like most others have said it didn't come with any instructions. What temp and for how long do I need to pressing the heat transfer vinyl? Also is there anything else I need when doing htv?