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  1. I am using SCALP3 and it is jumping around some while cutting. I haven’t had any problem until now, but I cropped the horse and turned it into an SVG, then added the font.
  2. I have an SC cutter that I have had for a few years, but it hasn’t been used much. I tried to print a vinyl decal and I can’t see a reason of the inconsistencies in the lettering. The top line is drooping on the left side and the second line as the first 3letters and the last 4 letters dropped slightly. The first letter “I” was considerably lower, but I moved it. I have printed it several times and still getting it. What is causing my design to adjust itself?
  3. ShePlays2Win

    Looking for Font ID, please

    Can anyone ID the font used in this photo? If so, where might I find it? Thanks in advance!!
  4. ShePlays2Win

    sudden crashing

    I am new and my software is crashing all the time. I'm usually editing or designing. I am running Windows 7...
  5. ShePlays2Win

    How do I create a Monogram?

    After I put the letters in the circle and get them into position, the video tells me to crop it and the excess letters around the outside go away. I cannot find anywhere to "crop" out the excess.
  6. ShePlays2Win

    How do I create a Monogram?

    I am new to the business of vinyl and have someone wanting a car monogram. I felt reasonably sure I could create this after watching a video on Youtube, but SCALP does not have all of the options that she is using to modify and crop the image. Can you create a circle monogram in SCALP, or am I going to have to invest in another software to do it?