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  1. dmaff06

    lil red express font

    Rick thank you !!!
  2. dmaff06

    New User In Delaware_ with driver problem.

    I did and still no luck with that. Nut when I clicked the "scissor" icon for cut. I was able to select the driver for my machine. Thank you for your help. I had a vey successful cut. I appreciate your time.
  3. dmaff06

    First heat transfer t-shirts

    Looks Great, What program did you use to set this up for cutting?
  4. dmaff06

    New User In Delaware_ with driver problem.
  5. dmaff06

    New User In Delaware_ with driver problem.

    These are the only Options for Driver installs that i have with this program. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo ScreenShot2014-02-22at100438PM_zps30524f39.png"/></a>
  6. dmaff06

    New User In Delaware_ with driver problem.

    This was the first thing i did, Still nothing, and the SCALP is up to date but simply does not show my cutter as an option for print. Neither does it show form the help menu and install driver.
  7. dmaff06

    My first business hoodie.

    this looks awesome, what material did you use for the Art work? was it hard to apply to the shirt?
  8. dmaff06

    Driver install issue?

    Hello, How do i install the driver for the SC cutter, on a mac device? the disc i got with my cutter was some how mangled in transit. I downloaded the "driver file" form the website download section, but the instructions are somewhat confusing. Trying to use SCAL pro 3 to cut, but the driver for my machine is not listed on the options to install.... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. hey guys, my names dan, have had an SC cutter for about 2 years now, but I just got around to opening it today. Everything with the assembly went great, now just gotta figure out how to install the driver on a mac system. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. dan