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  1. My cutter came with sure cuts a lot pro what program will do what I'm looking to do I thought it would only work with the machine I bought cause it came with it , so you can use other software ? Then what do I have to put it into scal to cut it or ? Thanks for the interest
  2. Hi , im new to all this invested in a sc cutter its very cool I have some but not nearly enough knowledge on how to do tshirt designs,logos,lettering and such without stacking the vinyl up to where it gets thick and nasty feeling , for in stance I was trying to do a logo for my business as im also a airbrush business , so I have an oval of black stretched out a bit and another red one on top of that to where the black one just shows a smidge of the black around edge of the red and then comes the shadow layer for the lettering and then name of business in letters, then I have two small airbrushes that are right under the bottom of the lettering, I cut all of the material out in all colors needed and went to apply them to my shirt what I ended up with was a tsirt with the feeling of , you no when u were a kid and your mom ironed the knees of your pants with one of those nasty iron on patches , well very thick how do I get it so each color lays by itself. or am I in to deep trying to do something that cant be done , thanks for any answers to this as all knowledge is worth asking for and I appreciate it more than I can say to the ones that do help in this mission thanks again