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    My Vehicle

  2. This clarification should help alot of people not get in a wax mess. Thanks
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    Brodek and Rhodes closing

    At a New Products Showcase in January the sales rep said the merged companies would have my acct as one for orders etc. in the very near future. Got to wonder now. Keep us posted
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    thermoflex plus issue

    Are you prepressing to get the moister out ? Just a thought
  5. Lloyds Logos

    Got my first order.

    Good Luck ! can't wait to see your end results
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    writing on the roll core

    Started the habit right when I check the product into inventory any important notes as well get put in end tube.
  7. Just would like to know if I'm in the ball park with my price for a wrestling team. Using FOL 3930 100% cotton T black. The front image is a two color HTV with slight overlay white then emerald green and the back image is all words in white. Assorted sizes with the HTV being cut and weeded to make as large as customer requested, 34 shirts @ $ 15.88 each. What do you think ? a picture is not available. Thank you.
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    Newbie wanted to get opinions of some of my work.

    VERY NICE +++ QUALITY WORK +++ awaiting more pics of your assume work.
  9. Get yourself a "snitty knife" signwarehouse sells it, the unique part about it is the replaceable blade runs on an angle from the top to bottom so the vinyl cuts clean first time every time, and no I don't own stock in the company. .
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    Hello everyone, chad here.

    from one nubie to another welcome aboard
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    Un Retired

    Welcome from PACKER country (ie) the frozen tundra
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    Hello everyone. Excited to cut.

    Welcome from PACKER country.
  13. I was a little hesitant to do a xmas order for my first time , BUT lo and behold US CUTTER came thru, and all boxes intack, THANK YOU.
  14. Thank you for the site, and the support.
  15. Lloyds Logos

    Merry Christmas everyone

    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KNOWLEDGE SHARED I'm starting my new year with my CE 6000-60 and alot of encouragement from the vinyl family.
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    I Hate to do This.

    check the vinyl forum site
  17. Lloyds Logos

    Thanks for the Xmas gift USCutter!

  18. Congrats, I read on a blog someone put a small sample test decal in the package with instructions, of course the trial decal will be your advertisement. First impression is everything. Cheers, Lloyd