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  1. chipperi

    Oppurtunity to advertise!

    I am taking a welding class and several of us bought the same shield, So I decided to customize mine. Hopefully people will ask me where I got the decals.
  2. chipperi

    Ends not quite meeting...

    Sat down last night to cut a bunch of decals, and I discovered it by accident. The thumb screw that holds the blade holder in had loosened, and caused it to wobble slightly.....DUH!
  3. chipperi

    Ends not quite meeting...

    The machine is about a year old, and a steady worker. I have never messed with the offset because my corners are nice and sharp, not rounded, but I am game to try anything. Blade is about a month old (which reminds me I have to order more.) I was thinking I may have the pressure too high as it makes a solid tap sound when the blade comes down....
  4. The end of a cut it missing the beginning of the cut by just a tiny bit. For instance the center of an O or a lower case e...I have my overcut set to 2mm which is double normal, and I am still having trouble weeding. Any Ideas?? 30" TC Series Scal3Pro speed 400 pressure 30. Oracal 651
  5. chipperi

    different areas cutting different.

    That would make sense the end that is cutting shallow is the end I cut on the most.
  6. Recently when I cut I am noticing one end of my machine is cutting deeper than the other. My machine is 30" long. The only thing I can think is the bed isn't level?? Any ideas?
  7. chipperi

    Grrr Greedy M#@$ F#%$

    Now heres a strange response : Dear xxxx,Thank you for your email. I am afraid that we are unable to progress any licensing in the US for Fifty Shades as a result of trade mark issues.Kind regards,xxxxxxxxx. The author cant license her own work?? Trademark issues she should hold the trademark??? No sense at all!
  8. chipperi

    Grrr Greedy M#@$ F#%$

    I just did a search and there are hundreds of sellers selling virtually the same decals.
  9. chipperi

    Grrr Greedy M#@$ F#%$

    Unfortunately this one was legit....they gave me the name of the lawfirm who complained.....I wrote the author to see how much licensing would cost...but it's probably priced to keep small businesses out.
  10. chipperi

    Grrr Greedy M#@$ F#%$

    Laters Baby from 50 shades
  11. chipperi

    Grrr Greedy M#@$ F#%$

    Sorry guys just venting....Got one of my listings and best sellers pulled from Etsy for Trademark.....What!!! it was 2 words from a movie...not a title, not an image...just 2 words. I think I will trademark the word "the" or "or" how about "A" that way no one can write a book or talk without paying me licensing fees.
  12. chipperi

    Freebie for charity

    Yep right behind the tri-cities airport. I'm in JC fairly often. Started out screen printing a few years back but the place I bought all my supplies from in JC moved to FL and I just couldn't compete paying all that shipping...Used to work for a printing company right behind the Brown's Mill Wal-Mart until they sent our jobs to China.
  13. chipperi

    Freebie for charity

    Took an old Cheese Ball Barrel and made a donation jar for a charity event tomorrow. It will have a rubber frog in it.
  14. chipperi

    Rear Windshield Wiper

    A customer asked if I could resize one of my decals, because he has a rear windshield wiper...I had never thought about it, is 651 durable enough to stand up to a wiper??
  15. chipperi

    maltese crosses- firefighters

    The thin lines on the hydrant and ladder looks like it would be tough to weed...