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  1. That's where I got the image from, their website. Thanks to all who looked. I ended up re-creating, using the font NFL San Diego Chargers, it has the same characteristics, minus the spurs, as to what I was looking for. But I could still use the name of the font. But I can get started with it. 

  2. I have, they say they don't have a file, but I'm calling B.S., surely they've had a t-shirt or other items printed. This image is from they're website.

  3. Thank you, Sue2, the rest of the graphic had free fonts from dafont, but this one is stumping me. Thanks for looking though! I'm not sure what theme to look at on dafont.

  4. Firstly, are you sure that the Tumblers are coated with a polyester coating for sublimation? I do them in a dedicated convection oven, using shrink wrap from Coastal. You also may want to bump up the time in the press. It takes about 6 minutes in a convection oven. 

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  5. On 12/12/2021 at 5:32 PM, Wkdemers1 said:

    I see Hotfix Era has a subscription schedule. . did you buy it or subscribe? If you've tried both which do you feel was or is the better option? ...and thank you for taking time to respond, thank you!

    I own the HFE, no subscription for me. The ACS is old, but it was the best option at the time. It made us a lot of money. HFE, like stated is about the only software that works with my Spangle machine. A lt of people don't like it, (me included at times) sometimes it will crash when doing some simple tasks, it drives me nuts. But I've learned to live with it.