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  1. 1toymaker

    Oracle 651 not sticking to a powder coated bottle

    Thanks for the help!!! I ended up using a 3M product I had it didn't affect the powder coating and the vinyl stuck a lot better. Again Thanks for the quick response. Attached are pic of one of the bottles (I made 35 with different names) and the cleaner I used.. Thanks
  2. Hi I'm etching a powder coated bottle (like a Hydro Flask) I did one batch and they turned out good. I'm doing a second batch and the Oracle 651 vinyl that I am using (and used on the first batch) is not sticking to the powder coated bottle. I am looking for any suggestions on what to clean the bottle with and what temperatures does the Oracle 651 have the best adhesion. Thank you Rick S..
  3. 1toymaker

    Glass work

    Looks Great
  4. 1toymaker

    Storefront Logo

    Very Nice Looks Great:)
  5. 1toymaker

    First LED Base with 1/4" x 5" round Etched Glass

    Thanks for the nice commits:) I will post some pictures of parts used to make the bases in a couple days. I haven't been on in couple weeks trying to recover from my hard driving crashing:/
  6. Let me know what you think This is the first try at some LED bases that I have made with a 1/4" X 5" round etched glass
  7. 1toymaker

    Etched mirrors

    Thanks everybody :thumbsup:
  8. 1toymaker

    Etched mirrors

    First time posting. I etched (13) 4" beveled round mirrors for a girls softball team in town.
  9. 1toymaker

    Source for 1/4" Glass

    Thank you for the info I went to a local glass shop and got a few pieces. Will post pictures soon..
  10. 1toymaker

    Source for 1/4" Glass

    Hi I'm look for a supplier for glass to etch. I need some 1/4"X4" and 6" circles with the edges beveled or polished. Thank you Rick
  11. 1toymaker

    Help with this font

    Thank you
  12. 1toymaker

    Help with this font

    Sorry rookie mistake attached font
  13. 1toymaker

    Help with this font

    Hi I need some help with the name of this font Thank you