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  1. Dr Smith

    Looking for these type of graphics

    The pointy graphics do look a bit tribal..I'll check it out. Thanks
  2. Anyone know where I could find/purchase these graphics? I'm not sure what you would even call them. I tried to trace them, but my tips of the graphics kept getting flat..thats a whole other post for Corel Draw section . I need them to be pretty much exaclty the same as the pic. Thanks
  3. Dr Smith

    600 sprint car template

    Anyone know of a good source for vector 600 sprint car templates?
  4. Dr Smith

    Metal signs/names

    Looks beautiful!
  5. Dr Smith

    Guns and Coffee

  6. Dr Smith

    Guns and Coffee

    Anyone have the Starbucks "Guns and Coffee" vector they would like to share? Need to make a laptop sticker for my wife.
  7. Dr Smith

    Quote help.

    I would probably be around .65 a piece. So about $325.. for a couple hours work at most.
  8. Dr Smith

    MH 721 - No Rulers?

    One of the best ways to align the vinyl is to pull out a couple feet of vinyl before you put the rollers down. Take the part you pulled out the front and align it with the edges of the pre-feed vinyl underneath the cutter, then lower the rollers. This will usually get it spot on.
  9. Dr Smith

    MH 721 - No Rulers?

    No need for any rulers on your cutter..Heck my $15,000 printer/cutter did not come with a ruler.
  10. Dr Smith


    I use Cobra inks and the colors are excellent. And like mentioned already, gotta use 100% poly. I have tried different 50/50 shirts and they wash out very quickly, due to not sticking to the cotton fibers.
  11. Dr Smith

    Help on pricing a 4' x 40'

    It really depends on your area and market. I would be around $500-$600 range.
  12. I will only put my logo on it if it's a donated banner for a charity event. Other than that the customer is not paying my to advertise on their banner.
  13. My Mimaki runs SS21 inks and boy howdy, if my exhaust is not running the fumes give me a terrible headache. I would think though even if you can't smell it, it can not be at all that good to breath for an extended period of time. I think they all should be vented to some extent. Just for piece of mind. My liitle home made exhaust system from Home Depot works great and ran me about $75.00.
  14. Dr Smith

    what company has the best bulk rate?

    I love Sanmar. I can order before 5pm and my shirts are at my front door next day.
  15. Dr Smith

    Which heat press vinyl?

    I really like Joto's Ultra vinyl. It has a great feel to it and depending on the shirt it really sinks down into the fibers. It's also less expensive than siser.