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  1. drakesis

    Gomer's work

    very nice work!
  2. drakesis

    help with logo

    Give me a shout if your still in need of getting it done for your deadline....
  3. drakesis

    any help or advice plz

    It happens all the time with manufacturers... They tend to stop producing their graphics for vehicles after 10 years or so... I recreate these types all the time... If no one is able to help you out here... Just give me a shout ;-)
  4. drakesis

    Can Anyone Vectorize this ??

    It was a pleasure working with you!
  5. drakesis

    Can Anyone Vectorize this ??

    Thanks Skeeter, Just give me a shout some time... I can do it in 1 color or mulitple / layered colours for vinyl cutting.
  6. drakesis

    Time Pilot Arcade Side-Art...

    May be interested...... I've done work before for some reproductions of pinball machines. Due to a signed agreement with the company, that's all i'm allowed to say, lol. But they were some cool projects.
  7. drakesis

    Little Help?

    Bah, it's not too small to redraw by hand... I've worked with smaller images than this one before.
  8. drakesis

    What AM I doing wrong?

    Who ever you hired to do the artwork, you most likely didn't request that it needed to be drawn in a way to be cut in vinyl.... MOST places will just draw in overlapping layers, as they simply are used to digital printing. You'll need to do some trimming and merging on the different objects...
  9. drakesis

    Vechicle Inspiration

    Hey guys, curious and looking for inspiration of company vehicle. How does everyone else have their vehicle lettered up...??
  10. If you can get away with it, outsource to a printer who can take just the PDF and do a print / cut......
  11. drakesis

    long shot

    yup, no image......
  12. drakesis

    Need alittle help

    Just give me a shout if you need some work done. Thanks guys~!
  13. drakesis

    could i get some help please? thanks

    Give me a shout, if you need to have it redrawn....
  14. drakesis

    Need help to vector a color graphic

    Thanks from me for helping him out.. It's people like you that make this forum worth coming too.. Everyday I might add.. Your time is with something even if it's 10 bucks.. That buy a few things off the dollar menu.. That's the way I look at ot I'm glad to help out whenever I can, I don't always have the spare time to do free traces. But it's nice to know that when I do, it's appreciated~!
  15. drakesis

    Need help to vector a color graphic

    Had a few minutes, here you go.......... Like Joey said, trace one side and mirror it, combine the two..... flames.eps