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  1. I heard news report today saying these coins were not from the 1900s robbery. They traced them back to Georgia mint. Who knows.
  2. tekcorps

    Need help.

    You are trying to replicate this look with a printer? When you see this on race cars its cut vinyl.
  3. tekcorps

    Idea to help elderly, pay it forward

    Maybe number bottles. What if caps get mixed up?
  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I actually recognized a couple cars there that I have seen in television car archive films. Pretty cool! Your son looks like a pro showing and telling about the car.
  5. tekcorps

    color profile

    on the color selection toolbar, there is a button with several colored squares. click on that and it will bring up a menu list.. select from list by double clicking it.
  6. Just by using Flexi and comparing on screen colors to RGB and 651 colors, looks like red and yellow. Yellow is real close. Red is tad off, your RGB has hint of blue to it. But fairly close. Maybe someone else has input as well.
  7. tekcorps

    Adhesive Remover

    3M Adhesive Remover. Test surface before you get ambitious with it.
  8. tekcorps

    Thoughts Please

    Google search images for "helping hands". There are tons of different logos. Have a look, get some ideas. Should get your juices flowing.
  9. tekcorps

    Light Table

    There ya go. All ya need!
  10. tekcorps

    Light Table

    You are welcome. You can find these at times cheap and sometimes large ones. They work great.
  11. tekcorps

    Light Table

    craigslist - "x-ray reader"
  12. tekcorps

    Do you get it?

    You can afford a shur-lock home watch
  13. This guy, IMO, has a great vinyl applying technique. Check out his vids. Should help you some. http://www.youtube.com/user/darkestofdans/videos
  14. tekcorps

    -49 With Wind Chill Up here in MN

    I think I would die in that weather!
  15. tekcorps

    What do you think?

    Bottom line, what the customer wants. My suggestions were to make the sign/decal more effective. To me, if you changed Farrier Service to Iron Works it would a be a blacksmith logo. Also, name and phone numbers are the most important part of any signage and should be large and not obstructed by other info.
  16. tekcorps

    What do you think?

    Nice look, design and layout. I would do another one just to see. Correct aligning, ditch flame, make horeshoe bigger, reduce anvil, make phone numbers bigger and perhaps change the font used for est, town names, and services at bottom. Being a blacksmith is less important than the main fact this is a Farrier.
  17. tekcorps

    websites for selling

    jmac, the online store you are referring to is a Yahoo Store platform. If that helps any.
  18. tekcorps

    How small can you go?

    Are there any tips or tricks to getting a (any) cutter fine tuned to cut this small?
  19. tekcorps

    How to cut vinyl straight?

    You have several options. But if you want the yellow stripe to be 15" high you should get non-perforated roll. Or make stripe not as high and cut it out with your cutter. But your cutter has to be tracking perfect are you may have some variances in your height. Could always paint the stripe. If your cutter isn't or doesn't track well you could always cutter short pieces and piece the stripe together as you apply it by a slight over lap.
  20. tekcorps

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Yes, Merry Christmas to all.
  21. tekcorps

    Nintedno Vectors

    Open it in inkscape and save as .eps. Nothing more to it than just that.
  22. tekcorps

    Shop truck

    Easier to work with or better quality shirts or both?
  23. tekcorps

    First Ceramic Tile

    Very nice! I like it!
  24. Has anyone had any dealings with Graphical Systems USA?