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  1. hey i did a search for sk1 on the forum and it has never been talked about. it was built in Linux format but its available in windows now. all we have is Linux computers so i cant test out the windows ver to see how well it works compared to Linux and the other programs it can replace as it is described it can replace Adobe and Corel and can open both formats -- so if its true that would be great for starters that want free software we use a graphtec and not sure but it would be nice if graphtec add-ons would work in this too that would be awsome then another free design software and then a free cutting program -- (linux already has a free cutting program) GOT TO LOVE OPEN SOURCE sK1 is an open-source illustration program that can substitute professional proprietary software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator*. Currently GNU/Linux is our main development platform, but porting on Win32 and MacOS X desktops has been scheduled. sK1 supports professional publishing features, such as CMYK color, separations, ICC color management and press-ready PDF output. here is the link please http://sk1project.org/ if you try it can you please post how it works CDR Explorer is a research tool for CorelDraw file formats. It was used to create a CDR import filter for sK1 Editor and UniConvertor. This tool is written on Python and works under GNU/Linux, MacOS X and Win32. # WMF format parser (pymfvu)
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    Help with Rip and Print Flexi 8.1

    Ok...I am working with Flexi 8.1 and an EPSON Stylus Photo R1900 Printer and Graphtec 5000 cutter. I bring in a JPG to Flexi, contour it and then send it to Rip/Print. When I print the picture to be cut, it is smaller than the size that I set up in the dialog box. The Graphtec cannot find the registration marks when this happens. Can anyone tell me what I may be missing to get the sizes correct when printing? It prints correct size from other applications, just not in Flexi for the Rip/Print. The size I am trying to print is 10"x2" and it prints 8 1/4" x 2 1/2". I am using copy paper 11x17 for testing. Thanks
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    Could I use this for my school project?

    you should be able to use it but you would have to reference where you got your information in your report.
  4. tinaski

    Text outline gets distorted

    I miss read your last message - do your arch - the union combine copy paste combine offset should be fine
  5. tinaski

    Text outline gets distorted

    on path -combine - union - copy paste - combine - outset - i think that is everything
  6. ok here it goes I would like one more time and not get everyone all wound up. HowardI i ended that last thread becouse yes it was going way too far. I am just trying to figure somethings out and hoping your willing to share some information. your a linux user? same here i was told that you got Ink Cut to work on all cutters. how i could never get the MH to work or any of them to work becouse of the serial to usb adapter. do you mind sharing some info with me? what i was mainly in here was for some coding, i need to grab the code that is used on the graphtec so i can add teh print cut feature to ink cut. there has to be some code gpgl - that is used to turn on the laser eye and have it start to scan for registration marks. i can pull HPGL code off very easy but i cant pull GPGL code have you seen it? what does it look like? thanks for everything (my avatar is happy now LOL)
  7. tux plot is a stand alone program inkcut is a plug in for inkscape only --------------------------------------------- ok i guess i was going around it a different way at first i added my graphtec and as soon as i plugged it in to the usb linux found it right away but no drivers so i added as a raw printer and with the mh i was trying to install the driver so linux could see the cutter i never did go in and manually tell what port it was on ( that i can remember) -------------------------------------------- i am also going to work on the code for the optical eye i will post what i find here as well --------------------------------------------- thanks
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    the person below me game

    Ok the way this works is aswer the question from the previous post then ask a question for the next post I will start The person below me has never made a shirt decal before
  9. hey Tom I am needed some help with some HPGL - GPGL code and was wondering how much you know about the graphtec can you help me?
  10. i just did change it today because of all this
  11. well to be honest both you and BannerJohn are held in the highest respect here and that does make me feel better. i dont just leach off of everyone elses success to try to make it. i try to give back to the new comers but after the past posts it really makes it hard to help out. if uscutter wants this forum to die there on the right track thinking that they can treat anyone like this. i am not expecting special treatment because i have been here a while nor am i expecting anything special because i do help out - i just dont feel its right to be called out like that nor should anyone whether you have been here 2 days or 2 years .
  12. Asking for our assistance is no problem at all. However, doing so in an invasive and demeaning way is not going to get you anywhere. We may not all be LINUX nuts like yourself - but please don't troll the forums, or call out people's intelligence levels before they have even answered the question. Howard is on vacation this week and I will forward him this thread so he can take a look and possibly give you some advice. Wow didn't expect that, you replied back 2xs since i put that on the forums. 8 days isnt enough time to to reply to a question ? i did give you a chance. i didn't mean to offend you but i have seen USCUTTERS support and i thought you were going to be different., but after that little reply your not any different at all. so why does every one use linux have to be "nuts"? how do i troll the forum - i help out a lot of people on this site
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    hmmm 300deg F --- too funny try 1200def F -- you can use woodburnning stove paint and you will never have to worry http://www.stovepaintbyjim.com/
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    Clean and Vector Pls!

    shouldnt need cleanup PedoBear.eps PedoBear.eps
  15. The mh as it told to me from uscutter when I called them with problems that I had with it."its a piece of junk" look into something else There are some others that are cheap but still nice I guess people have had much better luck with a pcut
  16. You can cut directly from inkscape I have a plug in to do that with let me see if I can find it I will post it here for you It hasn't been tested on a lot of cutters may or may not work on a graphtec
  17. Really please have him email me so I can talk to him about it. I couldn't get mh to work in tux plot I would like to know how he did it and how he installed the driver for that. Too bad I don't have the mh anymore to really check it out but my brother "beardown" does mabey he can bring his over so we can check it out
  18. tinaski

    Noob with a copyright question

    im not sure but in court - that is admitting that they dont have legal right to make them - so the best thing to do is not do them
  19. that is all we use and we use that to cut from so we dont need SB or any other cutting software
  20. tinaski

    Text outline gets distorted

    can you do the offset before the arch
  21. tinaski

    Newbie Vinyl cutting problems

    you might have done this all ready but just a question -- did you put the old blade back in ? -- is there a way to put a pen -magic marker -crayon -something in replace of the blade - load a sheet of paper and plot that out. if you still get bad edges then you know its either the controls of the cutter or the design itself - i bet its not the design since you can see how it should look on the screen. its prob going to be the controls - either motherboard, motor going south, or stuck rollers - tell me if this is correct - if you cut lines up and down there fine - cutting lines left and right there fine - but if you cut at an angle there bad - both sets of rollers - motors have to move at the same time -- i have seen this happen a lot - i have never had it happen to me so i haven't had the chance to mess with it and see what the problem could be. from what i am aware of no one has found what causes that it would be trial and error. just some things you can try. lube up all bearings including the motor bearings that would allow them to roll smoother, after that its allot more technical. you can check the motors out ohm them and see what the resistance is they all should be very close. mother board find one and replace it and see what happens.
  22. comon cant ya reply back and tell me you dont know anything?
  23. Are you a thread killer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know, you post a reply in a thread and then it just dies. No-one responds and you are left with that feeling that you killed the thread! Are you a thread killer?