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  1. cbsuperduty

    Rhinestone Templates using MH Cutter

    Just get ahold of Sandy Jo at . She is a wealth of knowledge and can either get you on the right track or cut your templates for you.
  2. cbsuperduty

    My first cuts ever!!!

    Go CLONES!!!
  3. cbsuperduty

    Newbie to USCutter

    Welcome from the good side of the river.... You should stay really busy with street signage in Lincoln. Those streets get me all sorts of messed up.
  4. cbsuperduty

    Shrinkage with

    How long did you press/iron the first layer? When layering you do the first layers for just a few seconds and then the last layer for the entire time.
  5. cbsuperduty

    Business Card

    I think it looks great!
  6. I prefer WordPress over Joomla (I am more comfortable with setting it up). Tons of themes for either though. Save a ton of time coding. Otherwise there is which I have used for static HTML/CSS type sites. I am now not even messing with them. I am pushing all my clients to use CMS so that they can easily be taught to update their own content. Drop me an email or hit me up on FB if you need any help.
  7. Hence why I asked what you used. This would allow others with the same printer to possibly test.
  8. So what kind of printer was it that you used?
  9. cbsuperduty

    Best cutter for under $1500?

    My apologies, I didn't notice the 30" part.
  10. cbsuperduty

    Getting easier

    Joe does great work but unfortunately isn't taking new orders (or wasn't going to last I had heard). I have also used Mark-S (on the other forum) and he does great work. message me if you need his contact info.
  11. cbsuperduty

    Best cutter for under $1500?

    Graphtec, Vinyl Express QE-60, or higher end GCC.
  12. cbsuperduty

    need a Mac expert

    Sorry but you got me on that one... I guess I usually have mine on mute or have headphones plugged in but laying on the desk.
  13. cbsuperduty

    need a Mac expert

    or send me a message and I will see if I can help ya.
  14. cbsuperduty

    Thanks to XLII-Guy

    Just wanted to publicly thank XLII-Guy for running the contest for 500 free business cards that I won. Great guy to deal with and I was shocked at the quick delivery. Sorry for the cell phone pictures. (can't get image to upload but you can see on that "other" forum).;topic=3977.0;attach=8822;image
  15. cbsuperduty

    just finished

    Looks Great. Is that pink and white or silver? Care to share what font that is?