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  1. I haven't been around here in a LOOONG time, but I still have been ordering my vinyl from them. They have not done me wrong yet! Shipping is fast and cheap.
  2. #D-zine#

    First truck magnet

    Looks great! Don't forget to round the corners. Helps it to stay on the vehicle.
  3. #D-zine#

    Polo Shirt question

    oh and you could look into the print perfect pads. Some say these are better because they keep the press area pressure more consistant. I personaly have not had any troubles so far with the pillows, but I have only pressed vinyl with them.
  4. #D-zine#

    Polo Shirt question

    yeah, I bought a few of those teflon pillows and they work great. I would look into those if I were you. I was using the mouse pads for awhile and now I pretty much only use the pillows.
  5. #D-zine#

    Door Graphic 2

    Love it!!
  6. #D-zine#

    New Banner rolls from Sign Universe

    Thanks for the heads up John!
  7. Didn't figure you would know what type of counter that was. You have doing some amazing things with the mirrors. I always enjoy seeing your work on here. Keep up the great work. Oh, and I hear you on the 5 of me. When you find where to pick some up let me know.
  8. Hey, that looks like a cameo white 874 Corian integrated sink and Mont Blanc or Platinum color corian countertops. Sorry, I have been building and installing those things for the past ten years. I actually program CNC's to cut them out now. BTW man, that glass looks amazing! I have to imagine that would be a whole lot cheaper then the special order marble and granite we order. Not to many people go full splash with marble and granite because it cost too much and then you come along and offer this. Great looking stuff man! I hope it takes off for you for sure.
  9. #D-zine#

    Take a minute to remember

    I read that book Dakota...WOW. That had to be something else. I could not even imagine for a second what that had to be like. Hey John, I too am a WWII buff. While I was in the service I spent 3 years living in Germany and got to travel around a bit. Actually went to one of the camps and reality hits you right in the face when the smell is STILL there! Make you appreciate what you read in the text books a whole lot more!
  10. #D-zine#

    Take a minute to remember

    Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the ENTIRE day watching Band of Brothers! Awesome birthday if you ask me. While I was Indianapolis Saturday I went to the War Museum downtown and then to the Soldier and Sailor Memorial Monument. Great places to see for sure.
  11. #D-zine#

    NBM show in Indianapolis

    Yeah, same here. Thanks for waiting it Dakota. Glad to meet you and Dellrose.
  12. #D-zine#

    NBM show in Indianapolis

    Ouch! Well, can't wait to get down there. Will be leaving here 6am tomorrow and should be there around noonish. Hope to get the chance to at least say hi to everyone that goes. And I have your number Dakota, I will give you a call when I get in the show.
  13. #D-zine#

    My shirt I did for Memorial Day

    Glad your here with us Bill. I can only imagine what you had gone through and seen while on tour. Hearing things like that make my 5 years of service sound bleak. Thanks Bill! And you should wear it VERY proudly.