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    Where to buy, and which brand?

    Hello, Im pretty new to the game, so what are some of the best websites to buy adhesive vinyl rolls? besides UScutter of course! Im mostly going to be making decals for snowboard companies, and a few job signs here and there. Also maybe doing a few lettering/graphic jobs for different company vehicles ..... which brand or specific adhesive vinyl would you recommend? Thanks!
  2. definitivegraphix

    Where to buy, and which brand?

    I meant decals as in stickers for different companies to sell and give away for promotional use ... but thanks! ill probably go with Oracal. Any other sites to use when purchasing? anything cheaper than Uscutter?
  3. Hello! A friend recently contacted me about making some vinyl stickers for his clothing company. As you can see in the images I attached, its mostly just lettering ... but the stickers would be about 4"x8" give or take, and maybe some smaller ones at 2"x4" (this is what he requested, but he may change the sizing by a few inches here and there) He is asking for 2,000 stickers total. ~500 of the 1st logo in white, and 500 in black. (London Alexander w/ the roman numerals). ~500 of the 2nd logo in white, and 500 in black. (The Daily CO). I've only made stickers for myself and close friends at no cost to them, so I pretty much have no idea how to come up with a price/ price-quote for him. I am very proficient when it comes to weeding so that wont be a problem at all. Like I said, he is a friend, but this is also a great way for me to make some money. I dont want to rip him off in any way, but if you could please help me come up with a reasonable price quote it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much!
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    Need help with a price quote for stickers!!!

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Would it be: L+W /2 of the total amount of vinyl used? or L+W /2 of just one decal? and then multiply by 2000?