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  1. Tinky

    mutoh xp1250c

    ok i have a pcut a while but ive used a mutoh before anyway i grabbed this of ebay for
  2. before u start doing anything major just check the feed rollers havent come lose with it being on the forwards and backwards
  3. Tinky

    Need a Floor Jack

    This is the only one i have hope it helps Lyndon 01.EPS 01.EPS
  4. Tinky

    Graphtec FC-8000 tech

    Havent got a graphtec but if you have altered it and its still doing it try altering the overcut option on the cutting software as it could be that also.
  5. yeah i get the black box to sometimes but its no biggy ive found its when i switch my cutter on before pc aint got a clue way it does this but switch pc on first it dont even have to finish booting up then cutter and everything works fine
  6. Edited for you CENPECO.EPS CENPECO.EPS
  7. Image wasnt to clever so i thought id take a chance and look through some branded logos i have. Your a lucky bugger not exactly the same but it shoul do you. CENPECO.EPS CENPECO.EPS
  8. Tinky

    tractor tire and boom truck

    hmmmmmmm strange i downloaded it and it opens for me which cutting software are you using i use flexi also do you have anything else like illustrator as i opened it in that to and its fine.
  9. Tinky

    1st-3color 5-layer

    looks great now im no expert but u could of done this just as a 3 layer to save u time if u post the eps il take a look at it and send it u back
  10. Tinky

    Need help vectorizing.

    Ok its vectorised but aint got time to check it out for extra lines and things ur gonna have to do that ya self for now index.php.eps index.php.eps
  11. Tinky

    Sporting Footwear

    had a look but couldnt really find much. runningshoes.eps runningshoes.eps
  12. Tinky

    2000 Chevy Express Template

    no problem glad i could help
  13. Tinky

    2000 Chevy Express Template

    Last 2 chev167.ai chev167.ai chev168.ai chev168.ai
  14. Tinky

    2000 Chevy Express Template

    Not sure which length u wanted hope they help Lyndon chev163.ai chev164.ai chev163.ai chev164.ai
  15. Tinky

    Anyone have an Ambulance ?

    Heres one ambulance01.eps ambulance01.eps