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  1. angelamapps

    Please help!!!!

    FIXED IT!!!!!!! Just had to take the bottom off and the little green stopper button wire was disconnected from the mother board. Thank you so much xpaperman for your response. Have a great day !!!!!
  2. I just got my USCutter Model SC Plotter today, read through all of the manuals watched all the videos and put it together. Got up to the part where I am to plug the machine in and turn it on. The vedio indicated that the carriage would move to the right and stop at its starting point. Upon turning on my machine the carriage definately went to the right hand side but it didnt stop. It acts like it wants to run through the side and keep going. What do I do? It also is making this awful grinding noise while it is pushing against the side wall. PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE T STOP... Thank You Angela