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    I just wanted a sign...

  2. Good Morning everyone, I found to Graphtec plotters on Craigslist. I was wonder what peoples thoughts are. The first is a FC7000-10 48 inch plotter. Says it is in working condition, with minor cosmetic flaws for $400 The second is a FC5100-130 54 inch plotter. Comes with red and blue knife holders, 2 media holders for $800. Also says it was serviced by a Graphtec dealer 2 years ago. Looking at the pictures, looks like it was better taken care of. Peoples thoughts. I have sent email to both the ads. Thanks Brad
  3. bradsc1954

    Mobile Sign Shop

    It is nice having the Onan. But they suck up gas like a politician sucks up money. They use about a gallon an hour. I would suggest eventually getting a 3000 watt Honda generator. Nice and quiet and will run everything you need including the AC.
  4. bradsc1954

    Any Ideas

    Any one have an idea on these two fonts.
  5. bradsc1954

    Printed Vinyl Decals

    Why turn them away. Why not have some else do the printing and mark them up?
  6. bradsc1954

    Race Car

    I do racecars. What are you looking to do on it?
  7. bradsc1954

    You guys tired of these yet?

    Where did you find the cobra. I tried to find it a while back.
  8. bradsc1954

    Found on Craigslist

    Hi Everyone, I found this on Craigslist and wondered what people thought about it. Graphtec FC 7000-75 for a $1000 Thanks Brad
  9. bradsc1954

    Font Question

  10. bradsc1954

    Font Question

    Can someone tell me what font the "transmissions is? Thanks Brad
  11. bradsc1954

    Helmet Wrapping

    Hi everyone, I want to try wrapping my racing helmet with cut vinyl. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Thanks Brad
  12. bradsc1954

    Race car font

    Modified with a right front tire
  13. bradsc1954

    beware of dog

    I like that one Bearly Rich
  14. bradsc1954

    DTM Racing font

    Anyone know what font the racing is?
  15. bradsc1954

    Wall App