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    How about the Epson WorkForce 7010??

    Hi I want to buy a Epson WorkForce 7010 because I found it on sale and is wide format but I need some advise... 1.- Is a good printer to sublimation propuse? 2.- Can I install a continuos sistem in it? 3.- Where can I buy the continuos sistem to this printer? Do you recomend it or another one for this kind of work? Thanks a lot
  2. pamediprizio

    Opening my own business. Help me

    Thanks for your answer. I have another question, how many sheets can I do with those inks I saw are on sale too Do you use the same paper they recomend? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, I was thinking on getting started my own sublimation business, but I'm new in all of this, I only know somethings about design; that's why I need your help and experience with the machines and materials to use. I really like this business packgae the price is what I can affort and I think have all the things to start (as I said I don't know a lot about it) I found USCutter because a youtube videos, but if you have another companies names that I can use I would like to know. Also I want some help with the printer, the ink, and the paper I have to use, which brand of them are the best quality? Thanks a lot