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  1. LLaurence

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    Yeah I totally get that. I do know that some screen printers will make their own screens though and on this forum people are pretty damn nifty and creative so idk I figured there might be a couple of people who would be able to get it done.
  2. LLaurence

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    ..... I never said it was easy. I apologized for it being difficult. I understand how much the equipment costs and Ryonet explains some ways and instances where if you don't have the right equipment you can do other things to get around it. I understand how much time goes into each screen and how difficult it is to expose a screen that big then on top of that on contact printing is a pain in the ass and that is basically the only way to do it. I didn't say "everyone can do it it's a piece of cake" I asked if anyone thought they could do it. Clearly you don't think you can and that's fine, have a great rest of your day!
  3. LLaurence

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    So 100% of the people who emailed me said that this is a difficult design (over the sholder)... I'm sorry but I found this video from ryonet about all over screen printing and how to kind of get around things tht ould make this hard for traditional screen printing stations and equipment.... .... Any one think they can do it?
  4. LLaurence

    Need 75 T-shirts printed by 4/19/16

    Shoot I think I just sent you a message specifically because I saw the post you made of your shop set up lol
  5. LLaurence

    How to start cutting where you set vinyl

    Which cutter do you have?
  6. Hey Yall' Its been a while since I've posted, I am back with a job I need to sub out to someone. I am working with a non profit and I take care of 99% of what they need, but they are having an event and now need t-shirts, I am not currently doing any screen printing.. I have attached the mock-up of what I need. 75 total- Assorted sizes. (Child to Adult) Black Comment, DM Me or send me an email (LovelyLetterings@gmail.com with your pitch on price and timeline Thanks a million Lindsay L.
  7. Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've posted or helped anyone out so I'd like to start with an apology! In the past year I've moved away from vinyl and branched out into screen printing (have to make money where the money is) I am starting another (basically pointless) venture into sticker printing for "pretty planners" (small but pretty profitable skew) now that I'm back to using the good old mh I am having trouble remembering how to correctly register from Scal to my cutter so that my cuts are exact (stupid lines on the stickers have to be so thin that even 1/16th off will make a huge issue) I have tried everything I can remember... Does anyone have some piece of knowledge they can impart on me? Thanks in advance!!
  8. LLaurence

    Settings for Reflective Vinyl

    I have not used reflective vinyl in quite a while, I do remember getting the settings right was tricky. I just tested and retested using the test button that cuts out the little star and adjusted till i got it right.
  9. LLaurence

    Newbie with a question

    What software are you using to cut?
  10. LLaurence

    Screen Printing

    This is the video I used to make my Four color screen printing press... SUPER Easy
  11. LLaurence

    I need a contact to give my customers.

    I see..... And most places are okay with me placing the order and then turning around and reselling it? Does there need to be some kind of written agreement? I just don't like trouble.
  12. LLaurence

    I need a contact to give my customers.

    Wildgoose- I understand what you are saying now. I have a few questions though. If I placed an order from another shop for my customer and then sold that product to the customer how would I then mark that sale on a balance sheet. No inventory was lost or gained but my accounts receivable would gain and lose that amount of money. So If I profited from that sale by up charging my cash value would go up??
  13. LLaurence

    I need a contact to give my customers.

    I do not understand what this means? I do not want a partnership I am a sole proprietor what is wrong with the way I deal with the other person? If I have a customer that would like to purchase something from me and I do not have the ability or equipment to produce their order I don't understand why I would sub it out to someone and take a percentage of their sale without doing any of the work. What is wrong with sending them to anther person?
  14. LLaurence

    Time to Open a Shop

    Are you talking brick and mortar? Or just quitting the day job and doing this full time?
  15. LLaurence

    Leprechaun with a beer in each hand

    Have you seen this image somewhere or are you asking someone to make it?