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  1. carlc376

    M1 Mac Trouble

    I suppose I am in a similar situation. I have an SC1 plotter 24" (using SCAL3Pro) that worked great on my WIndows 11 (13 year old) laptop. The laptop is showing its age and slowing down. I am now a Mac (M1) user. I upgraded, installed and activated SCAL5Pro on the Mac M1. The software seems to have more features and works great...until I go to cut. The plotter will begin to work as expected. Then it begins to jog down the page, then across the page, then back again. Sometimes in moves to one side or the other of the plotter and jogs along the plotter edge. And then eventually it moves to a point and then freezes completely. I have tried the SCAL3 and SCAL5 files all with the same result. I ruled out static since I can still cut using the old windows laptop. One big difference, which it may very well be the issue, but I am not sure how to address it is that the Mac only has the Thunderbolt ports. I am currently using a USB to USBc adapter (I use the same type for my mouse/keyboard. I have seen there are different Serial to USB cords and adapters available. Has anyone been able to use SCAL5Pro with an older SC plotter and M1 Mac? If so, what cable/adapter was used? I have contacted SCAL with this issue, they responded a few times with follow-up questions (to which I responded), but I am now 3 weeks from the last response from them, and I have resent my response to them every couple of days.
  2. carlc376

    Cutting an image in sections...

    Thank you for your input. I look forward to the future enhancements. I have a 24" cutter, and was just thinking about if I wanted to create a graphic that is larger than the machine. I have not had an actually need for this yet, but I was just thinking about possible business options.
  3. I am still very new at vinyl cutting but am learning a lot from this forum. My question is this: I have seen that some applications can divide an image for cutting to make an image larger than the machine can cut in one pass, Is this possible with SCALP3? I have a 24" SC cutter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I installed an SC series with SCALP. Then, I installed a printer. Now, when I try and print something from any program, it tries to send it to the cutter. Has anyone experienced this? And does anyone have a solution. I am going to try to uninstall the cutter and then reinstall the cutter. Thanks for any help.
  5. carlc376

    Newbie from Michigan

    Hello...My name is Chris. I have just started to learn the software and have started making some cuts. It has taken some trial and error, but I think I am getting the idea. I do have some questions that I will post elsewhere in the forum. This is a great forum with a lot of good information.