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  1. rodh2

    Stick people sports

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. rodh2

    math clock

    Nice work thank you.
  3. rodh2

    Color Fading

  4. rodh2

    Color Fading

    SSW, I am not sure how to fade the colors in Inkscape, I do not use Inkscape. However, in Corel draw there is an option for a mesh fill. You can color certain spots and move the colors around to get the fade effect. Look through all the tool in Inkscape for a color blend or a mesh fill option. I know this does not answer your question; I know someone that uses Inkscape will be along and help. I did a quick oval in Corel Draw. I hope that it will help you with your project until you find a way in Inkscape. Rod fade oval.eps
  5. rodh2

    setting a start point for cutting vinyl

    Sorry, someone with a Graphtec will need to help you.
  6. rodh2

    setting a start point for cutting vinyl

    I am not familiar with the Graphtec. I have a Laser pointcutter and you have to set the X, Y Axes to 0 where you would like the cutter tostart the cut, from the cutter control panel. Haveyou tried this yet?
  7. rodh2

    can someone vectorize this please?

    Jar81993, I enlarged three of these for you so it would be easer to try to do them yourself. Good luck, you can do it. Once you try lets see your outcome and if you still need help let us know. I know it's not easy at the start.
  8. rodh2

    can someone vectorize this please?

    Ricks, has already given you the best pointer there is. Find a program that you are comfortable with and practice until you understand the program and how it works. You can find hundreds of YouTube videos you can watch. It takes a long time and you will always find different ways of doing things. Until you start to understand your program,you can contract someone to do them for you. No one is trying to be rude or offensive; so please do not take this information the wrong way. Rod Also look at Brands of the world, they might have most of the ones you posted.
  9. rodh2

    Tracing a Logo with Illustrator CS2

    I am glad they will work for you. I used Corel Draw to convert your .GIF File. First, I imported the file into Corel, then converted to black and white and performed a linetrace to convert to a vector. Once the file was converted, I removed the white parts and welded the black objects for individual files. Rod
  10. rodh2

    Tracing a Logo with Illustrator CS2

    Hope it helps and only for your personal
  11. rodh2

    Corel Draw X3 how-tos

    You will have to convert the outline to an object.
  12. rodh2

    Art Tile

    The tile looks very nice Kelly.
  13. rodh2

    Shotgun vector

  14. rodh2

    Vintage Chasing lights

    If the old relay controller is still in tack, You might be able to rebuild it. If not you can build one of these circuits and size the transistors or relays properly to handle the proper amperage for your light load.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=65172413619ff571&biw=1264&bih=849 http://wild-bohemian...cs/chr-info.htm