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  1. @Mo's

    need some help here

    thanx sooooooooooo much !
  2. @Mo's

    need some help here

    having a hard time with vectorizing this image...please help!
  3. anyone got a copy of RCC and the xp driver for a pc-60 available?
  4. anyone know by chance if the stand for the pc-600 with fit the gx-24?
  5. @Mo's

    My first shot at Siser

    that shirt looks GREAT!
  6. Anyone here make or sell a Teflon lower platen covers for a 15x15 heat press ? I know I can get one online, but would rather go with other members first before I do..... Hutch
  7. @Mo's

    First T-Shirt with Siser

    I don't own a jeep, but I do like the design!
  8. @Mo's

    Kayak lettering

    651 will work just fine.....but I also use a lot of FDC vinyls too....
  9. @Mo's

    Kayak lettering

    I do it all the time... Never have any issues. I have never used heat. I can post pics if you want?
  10. @Mo's

    Very Disappointed With USCutter

    This sounds like the best course of action.......get yourself a Roland, and NEVER look back!
  11. @Mo's

    Guns and Coffee

    grabbed both!.....thanx again guys!
  12. @Mo's

    two color tee

    That is really nice!
  13. @Mo's

    Cover for a Rowland GX24 cutter

    I need one for my gx-24........ Send me the info for payment please