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    CafeDecals offers Vinyl Decals, Stickers, And Car Tattoo's
  1. Cafedecals

    Online Sales, where are they?

    I did really well at first on Etsy but it is extremely competitive and some on there are cut throats. You will need to put a lot of time into it. A lot of reading about seo and google and how to stay on top of etsy search engines. The do have a great base of repeat customers. Just get a few friends to buy some stuff and give you great ratings and then you will start to take off. Get a good name on there and then open your own store domain away from them and you will do good.
  2. Cafedecals

    Application Tape For Selling

    Thank you everyone for the information
  3. Cafedecals

    Online Sales, where are they?

    On etsy you need to get a few good reviews to get started, renew items often as they are put on the top for searches, and join groups to get into treasuries. The more clicks to view your items the higher your ratings go. Be careful as they are a lot like ebay and their customer support really bites. As with any site, look into your search words you have chosen and how your titles are stated to maximize your potential on google. Don't forget to keep your titles under 70 spaces and think of yourself as a customer who is searching for that item. Also google hates repeats of the same things so try and stay original. Think outside of the box. Best of luck to you.
  4. Cafedecals

    Shipping with envelopes?

    Paypal is definitely the way to go for shipping. They have a deep discounted price for all shipping features compared to going to the post office and shipping from there. Plus you can print out the labels in the convenience of your own home or office and don't have to stand in line. I use manilla envelopes that I buy in 100's from amazon and use cardboard in there with do not bend stamp. If you do not use the stamp then your package needs to be 3/4 of an inch thick or not bendable when using envelopes and shipping from paypal. The post office flagged me twice and charged me priority shipping on both to deliver them. I learned my lesson quick. Yes a bit of a hassle, but stops decals from being bent and proves arrival. This christmas was terrible for late arrivals and non arrivals of packages on the east coast for me. Tracking really saved me a lot of money and the customers really appreciated the convenience of knowing when and where their packages were.
  5. Cafedecals

    Supply Ideas for UScutter.......list your needs!

    How about CAMO vinyl. Its pretty hot right now and very hard to get if you don't have a printer. Some of the other crazy prints would be great too like zebra and such.
  6. Cafedecals

    Application Tape For Selling

    I see clear stuff being used all the time like the decals you buy in the stores. Does anyone know what they use?
  7. Cafedecals

    Application Tape For Selling

    Hello, I'm making 5" x 5" decals for selling in swap meets and putting into bags for resale in stores. What application tape would work best so the customer can see the decal and be great for applying to car windows and such? How about in hot temperatures too?
  8. Cafedecals

    car show

    I plan on doing the same thing this summer and also in flea markets. When you have decals premade, what application tape would you apply so they can see the decal. Sometimes you get really busy so applying tape as they sell is just to much. Any ideas?