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    Circle label cutting

    I'm thinking buy the laser II 24 inches, could anybody recomend a wide format printer 24.
  2. wguzman

    Circle label cutting

    Thanks, what will be your choice If were you, the silhoutte cameo or the laser point 24 inches.
  3. wguzman

    Circle label cutting

    Hello I want a cutter for use in vinyl adhesive labels cutting 50 to 100 square feet monthly, I'm in a budget, please tell me what equipment you sugest me. Thats for circulars labels 1.90 to 5.75 inches most of them will be 2.90 and 3.75 inches. I'm not in a sign business I just need decals for warning labels for pillar candles. I will print in a wide format printer 17 or 24 inches. See the image. Thanks
  4. wguzman

    Which cutter is better for me

    Sorry I'm in a budget too.
  5. I need a vinyl printer and cutter to print round stickers 1 3/4 to 3 3/4 inches wide. Those are warning sticker for candles with bar code. I willing to print 1000 to 2000 sticker per month.