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  1. troyr

    vertical font

    Does anyone know how to type vertical fonts in signblazer?. The only way i know how is to hit enter after each letter. my problem is they are spaced too far apart.
  2. sorry for got to send you my email.

    1. haumana


      Just sent the 'share' email from Dropbox.

  3. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    any idea? I'm stuck here.
  4. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    yes that is correct
  5. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    I do understand that. I just dont understand why I cant add new fonts to signblazer all of a sudden. I have done it in the past.
  6. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    maybe its not an upgrade but my version reads 6.0.21 and thats not what i had previously,thats when i noticed the difference. now I'm having trouble with signblazer taking the newly added fonts.
  7. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    Yes im using true type fonts
  8. troyr

    adding font in signblazer

    I'm having trouble with SignBlazer seeing my fonts when I download them. ever since SignBlazer did an upgrade things seems to be much different. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can see the font has gotten installed but not in SignBlazer.
  9. troyr

    need help finding font

    yes that is normally the way i do it but with this new computer i have its asking me to load this other stuff im not filmiluar with.
  10. troyr

    need help finding font

    i wish i knew how. i have been messing around for hours and cant seem to figure it out. can you help me out?
  11. troyr

    need help finding font

    yes i saw that but how do i download it for free
  12. troyr

    need help finding font

    can someone help me find the font for the word Technics? Its a brand name for turntables. im useing signblazer. looking to have this in a eps file.
  13. troyr


    yes I have haumana but have not any luck finding a snake shaped into a number 6
  14. troyr


  15. troyr

    inkscape to signblazer problem

    thank you slice that was the problem having a newer version of inkscape. i found the old version and it works. thanks everyone for your patients.