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  1. d5kerry

    What Kind of Vehicle do You Drive?

    My Volvo S60
  2. d5kerry

    Anyone on here?

    Yep, that's what I thought
  3. d5kerry

    Anyone on here?

    Does this belong to a user on here? http://www.abdecal.com/
  4. d5kerry

    Doming a single decal

    I would do it for you but postage to and from the UK would be a bit much i would imagine
  5. d5kerry

    Doming a single decal

    I do mine in small batches (5-6 pieces) I do mine at room temperature and make sure there is no dust floating about
  6. d5kerry

    A little help please :-)

    Thanks so much jaybird For some reason i have not been able to figure it out
  7. d5kerry

    A little help please :-)

    Does anyone recognize this font please
  8. d5kerry

    some of my work

    Do you do your own doming?
  9. d5kerry

    Playing around with Vinyl Master

    Thanks for this This has been bugging me for a while but no its sorted.
  10. d5kerry

    Checkered flag door decal, pic inside

    Very similar to what i have just put on a mates Mercedes Vito van. Do this yourself, It took me all of 10 mins to draw such a simple thing
  11. d5kerry

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome James. From the South West of England
  12. d5kerry

    I Need something vectorized

    Here you go, will need cleaning up though. drawing.eps
  13. d5kerry

    never heard of this material please help

    That looks like the stuff we have on the metal staircase edges at work. I can buy this in 1200mm rolls and it can also be used as a chalkboard
  14. d5kerry

    never heard of this material please help

    In the UK its known as "Textured Functional Film" I use this quite often around the boot openings to prevent the paintwork getting scuffed from loading/unloading.
  15. d5kerry

    Please help logo design

    How much are you willing to spend?