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  1. Demon Decals

    Download SignBlazer

    Yeah, I found it. I ran it, and it saved it to my desktop, and it it wouldn't open, siad the whole 'find a web program to open this file' stuff? When I was using SignBlazer in Trial mode it didn't save what I had designed. It just took me to the nag screen and didn't allow me to go anywhere from there. I have this program on another computer, it's just getting bogged down because of age. Does anyone know of a simple way I can get the program on a good computer, and start cutting everything I need? I'm already behind on customers work. And need something that doesn't lock up all the time. Does anyone know of a company that is still around that has all the same commands, and is very similiar to SignBlazer that I can buy and go from there? I don't feel like downloading patch after patch on a new computer trying to get something to hopefully hold out for 30 days.
  2. Demon Decals

    Download SignBlazer

    The program was already running as a 'sbnt.exe' Skeeter, and where is this patch at that I could find it? I've been looking around for it, but no luck.
  3. Demon Decals

    Download SignBlazer

    I've downloaded the SignBlazer program, is there any way to use it without being in Trial Mode? Is there a 'one size fit's all' type Activation code? Or a different download that just gives the program w/o the extra options.