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  1. I guess I'm A big shop, because to do those decals in cut vinyl I'd be in the $200 range not including design time. Just because it's a small job to you doesn't mean it doesn't take resources that have a value most notably time. First off we would print them if at all possible, then if we couldn't print we would charge accordingly for cut vinyl. Time is our most expensive resource! Loading/Unloading machines, weeding, masking, trimming all takes time and if you don't properly account for it you might as well close your doors now or keep it a hobby as you will get no where fast.
  2. I think you way under priced this... you gave away your time and resources on this one.
  3. 2CT Media

    Decals on plastic...

    Any of those low energy plastics just need to be flame treated first. We wrapped 500 lifetime tables for our fair clients a few years ago, we used a big weed flame thrower and flame treated the tables then any vinyl we used stuck perfect, they are still stuck today.
  4. 2CT Media

    need some help sourcing translucent vinyl

    Translucent vinyl is more because of the pigments they use in the vinyl and adhesive can't be opaque. That being said most suppliers are going to have the same/similar pricing for the name brands. The house brands is where they will vary.
  5. 2CT Media

    Need some graphics cut

    Does it have to be Solvent?
  6. 2CT Media

    Need some graphics cut

    What vinyl and lam do you want?
  7. 2CT Media

    Perforated Window Graphics

    Well you can use black but that black will go invisible once installed.
  8. 2CT Media

    Perforated Window Graphics

    First off that is a horrible design for a window perf. That isnt me being offensive, I like it but here is a tip: Window perf works on the optical illusion principle of dark is invisible and light is visible. The reason why you can see out from the inside is because the adhesive is dark grey/black. The reason why you cant see in is that white surface tricks the eyes in to believing it's solid.
  9. 2CT Media

    vinyl on jet ski

    If you want to clear coat it, look in to spraying PPG Break-Through 250 Clear. Dries super fast and makes a very durable flexible coating designed for floors being run over by forklifts We wrap jetskis and have now issues.
  10. 2CT Media

    Perforated Window Graphics

    We have had issues with condensation building up in the holes, we have had the edges curl back due to the laminates shrinking, we have had the laminates scratch and obscure the view even more. We love our latex inks, they stay vibrant and are very scratch resistant.
  11. 2CT Media

    Perforated Window Graphics

    We use a few brands, Instant One Media works well and we also like the N.Glantz BePerf... everything else is over priced. We don't laminate our window perf at all, it actually causes more issues than not. With our latex we are getting a minimum of 2 years with minor fading. My truck has perf from almost two years ago and it still looks great.
  12. 2CT Media

    Printer job

    Printed on our House Cast with Avery 1360 Gloss laminate, contour cut, RTA. We would be at $28 + Shipping. If you want it on Avery or 3M it would be $32.
  13. 2CT Media


    They make a badge removal tool that is wire between two handles. Pull that through the back side of badge and remove the badge. For the rtv rubber adhesive use heat (around 400 degrees) and roll away the excess adhesive. For the thin adhesive layer clean with alcohol just no ammonia as that can cause paint issues. You can also invest in plastic razor blades that won't damage paint.
  14. China along with the US heavily subsidize shipping from China to the US. We shipped a pallet from Shanghai for $225, that same pallet went from Mesa,AZ to Houston,TX for $540. It's very similar Costs of shipping but the difference is that both governments pay a bit to keep up trade relations.
  15. We print on to diamond plate or chrome with a custom plate pattern.... But that's more expensive than standard to get that look... It can be done with out cut vinyl at all.
  16. We charge $5/sqft for printing only retail on Avery 1005+1360. We charge $3.50/sq for the same wholesale. So Retail we are at $240.
  17. 2CT Media

    AHHHHHH !!!!!

    If the vinyl is scored stick it in the freezer for a few hours it will separate.
  18. We could do that for you with our latex... I'll look to see but I'm pretty sure I can get a outdoor diamond plate in 54". I don't know if it would be air release though. The other option is to print on chrome but that's expensive.
  19. You can't beat a Latex for those things especially the current generation and soon to be released 4th gen. If you get a 110/310/330 it comes with flexi
  20. $3/sq for standard 15oz smooth banner, $5/sq doublesided, add $1/sq for laminate. Mesh is $3.75/sq Wholesale depends on volume and client history but we do $2.50/sq down to $1.50/sq
  21. 2CT Media

    Was this a good trade?

    The Tail Section material was printed on 3M 480Cv3. The tail was 25' Tall and was non pressurized. The reason why it cost so much was the labor time it took, Do to roughly 400sqft it took 21 hours. Every Panel had to be cut and sealed, every overlap had to be sealed, every screw had to be trimmed and sealed. For this little plane its all fiberglass and will be clear coated after wrapping so it will go a lot faster.
  22. 2CT Media

    Was this a good trade?

    We did tail sections on a plane and it was $15,000. We are wrapping a non pressurized plane and its in the high twenties. Its very time consuming and a lot of risk.
  23. 2CT Media

    Was this a good trade?

    It's a requirement because it has to pass a FAA inspection. If you wrap over the micropores in a pressurized cabin you can cause critical failure, using the wrong vinyl or the wrong installation technique will cause that.
  24. 2CT Media

    Was this a good trade?

    Actually there is a "Aircraft" vinyl. It's made for pressurized cabins and has hundreds of holes in it to allow the metal to breath at altitude. It's also a stronger and different adhesive than normal vinyl due to the conditions it faces. 3M is the only manufacturer that I know makes it and you have to be a certified aviation mechanic or aviation graphics conpany to buy it. It is very expensive. I don't know if this is he same stuff but its a possibility as that vinyl is real.
  25. 2CT Media


    EBay and PayPal are horrible for sellers. They rank up there with AMEX. Their only concern is the buyer and sellers be damned... The funny thing is unlike Amazon they don't sell a damn thing themselves so there is no risk for them to have these policies. I don't buy anything on eBay or sell anything any more.... Being burned once by eBay and multiple times by PayPal is enough for me.