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    grabbed thanks
  2. stickerman

    Couple of decals I had to make for client

    Thanks, grabbed
  3. stickerman

    Dog signs

    grabbed thanks
  4. stickerman

    Autism Ribbon - Cut, Weeded & Layered

    Would love the vector of this if you would share. Thanks
  5. stickerman

    Looking for german shepherd

    don't you mean throw him a bone for the german shepard.
  6. stickerman


    thanks grabbed both
  7. stickerman


    Like it how bout the eps file
  8. stickerman


    anyone got any other humming birds. Looking for a couple of different designs. Thanks
  9. stickerman

    Looking for a humming bird

    Looking for a vector of a humming bird, anyone have one they are willing to share. Thanks
  10. stickerman

    St. Michael the Archangel vector?

    grabbed. you never know when you might need it.
  11. stickerman

    New Skull

    You got a a skull wearing a coybow hat?
  12. stickerman

    Looking for Beer mug

    grabbed. thanks
  13. Want to print some bumper stickers and regular stickers small quanities no real big runs. What would be the cheapest route to go for equipment to do this? I looked at Roland but not looking to spend a few thousand dollars. Anyone able to point me in the right (cheap) direction? Thanks in advance.
  14. stickerman

    Take out counters.

    I know I have had some requests for some rather tasteless decals, but hey in this economy who am I to turn down money. Besides he will just keep looking until someone says yes anyhow, and I would rather have the money in my pocket than my competitors. Just my thoughts.
  15. I just picked up a RICOH SG 3110DN to start the dye sublimation part of my business on top of the vinyl hat I have been doing for years. However have had more and more people requests regular multi color stickers and I can only do so much with layering. $8500 is a lot for a printer (Roland bn20) that I dont know how much use I will get out of it though.
  16. Not really interested in having to print, then laminate. Looking for an all in one printer that I can print stickers on.
  17. stickerman

    Couple of decals I had to make for client

    grabbed both thanks
  18. stickerman

    Need help finding an alligator

  19. stickerman

    New Skull

    grabbed too. Thanks
  20. stickerman

    Latest Skull

    grabbed thanks
  21. stickerman

    lil red express font

    Thanks Rick, will be nice not to have to crete it from scratch.
  22. Just got a heat press and want to make some rhinestone templates can anyone help me with some rhinestone eps files. Looking for letters and a cheer mom design to start, but will take anything you are willing to share. Thanks
  23. stickerman

    Startin' Out...

    grabbed also. Thanks
  24. stickerman

    Guam seal request

    Does anyone have a good guam seal vectored. please and thank you.
  25. stickerman

    Guam seal request