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    EPS. Formated Needle and Thread

  2. stickerman

    Shirt for my mom for xmas.

    What color vinyl is your logo done in? I like the light and dark transitions
  3. stickerman

    custom wine glasses

    Here is a glass I did. I use vinyl as the stencil then I sand blast it using aluminum oxide.
  4. stickerman

    Owl Family (stick style)

    very nice.. Grabbed
  5. stickerman

    Looking for help

    very good, grabbed too
  6. stickerman

    Matching cowgirl/cowboy files???

    Grabbed all, thanks
  7. stickerman

    Looking for a good gnome

    grabbed TY
  8. stickerman

    Horse Decal, Show Jumper

  9. stickerman


  10. stickerman

    Golf Cart

    What font is that?
  11. stickerman

    New to the Forum

    Welcome from Texas. What kind of wood you using and are you adding the satin finish before or after the decals?
  12. stickerman

    Sorry, another Cowboy Church

    grabbed too. thanks
  13. stickerman

    Roadkill Kitty

    grabbed too. Thanks
  14. stickerman

    Wingstop Logo

  15. stickerman

    Wingstop Logo

    Wingstop asked me to do a banner for then to announce their grand opening, however can not find a vector of it, does any one happen to have one. Thanks
  16. stickerman

    How i love dye sub! :)

    So should I not even install the Ricoh drivers at all?
  17. stickerman

    How i love dye sub! :)

    I bought the RICOH 3110 a few months ago and for the life of me can not get my colors to look right. Would love to be able to print something that looks like that.
  18. stickerman

    Leopard for your use

    grabbed thanks
  19. stickerman

    Jailed and Stripped stick people

    had to grab this probally wont ever use it but who knows. Maybe I'll add it to a display board.
  20. stickerman

    Please help Peacock feathers needed

    grabbed too, thanks
  21. stickerman

    Cowboy Church

    Any one have the Cowboy Church logo in an EPS? Thanks in advance
  22. stickerman

    needing a little push on this vector

    i took a copy too
  23. stickerman


    I have a few coroplast signs set up outside my trailer and then I have 2 bound books with ALL my graphics in them with file names. I do about 10 craft fairs a year and work out of an air conditioned trailer where I also have a small 24in signmax cutter. I take orders there money and tell them come back in 30 mintues, Sometimes it does get crazy with custom order that I have to design on the fly. Have actually had 2 guys last year have me take a picture of there tats and turn them into vinyl decals took about an hour.