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  1. Quickbooks.. Really helpfull when reporting to see your true cost
  2. I am currently changing this logo by adding a couple colors and using reflective vinyl. I will post some pics when it is done. Customer needed something designed and installed because he was leaving to a VW show. I only had 1 hour to lay it out, cut it and put it on his window.
  3. Mario

    beer mug

    oracal 651 intermediate vinyl.
  4. Mario

    beer mug

    these were sand blasted
  5. Mario

    beer mug

    I just made 15 of these beer mugs for a soccer club. They gave me a logo and I etched it into this mug for them.
  6. Where can I buy blank t-shirts at a discount price. I am looking to buy anywhere from 20 to 100 shirts at a time. All dif sizes and colors Thanks Mario
  7. Mario

    Sport logo's

    Is it legal etched sport logo's of teams from the NFL, MLB ect. on beer mugs? I have seen alot of ebayers and companies on the internet selling them.
  8. Mario

    Vynil storage racks

    I have a CNC Machine shop out of Fresno California. I have been working on designing a rack for storing my vinyl. I am also designing a rack that will hold up to 12 rolls of vinyl that rotates around to whatever color is needed. If you would like to work together on this project PM me and we can come up with something. I have all of the equipment and material to make the rack plus I am set up with a powder coating and anodizing company that can complete the rack to make it look very good. Thanks Mario
  9. Mario


    Nice work...
  10. Mario

    2011 racecar

  11. Mario

    Logo redesign for my business

    Leave the number if that is your main source. I do agree with making a little more bold and putting it on the bottom of the images. Nice work though. I love the name of your business.. Mario
  12. Major talent.. Great job
  13. This was a logo I put together for a company who sells a pulley system for vw's. First design had three colors but the customer decide to only have one. They have a big VW car show this weekend and he wanted something on his window before he left for the show. I am going to redo it for him later using white reflective vinyl. Mario
  14. Mario

    Boat Sticker for my buddy's truck

    look cool. Nice job
  15. Mario

    VW Bug (old style)

    Hi, I am looking for a couple of VW Bug images or eps files I can work with. I have a buddy who is a huge collector and I wanted to make him a couple of decals for his shop. Thanks Mario