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    What Does Your User Name Mean???

    Back from the Black Lagoon
  2. sleeveofwizzard

    What Does Your User Name Mean???

    Mine is to deep and confusing to explain.
  3. sleeveofwizzard

    Chat Line

    I talk with a handful of my friends and x coworkers on the phone. We each call one of two people and use our two and three way calling. Its nice to talk to people other then clients and share expertise in the moment. We call it the conference call.
  4. sleeveofwizzard

    Is this considered "Ironic"?

    Ha ha ha, priceless!
  5. sleeveofwizzard

    Sublimated clock

    Looks great man!
  6. X2 on what Dakota said. If you want walk in customers or cars driving by to see you then don't bother with a place that isn't really visible to a lot of traffic. The office space I had was very nice and roomy but I had zero walkins there. It was one block from a busy downtown area but just not visible from the street. My advice is either add whatever you would spend on the office to rent a bigger house and dedicate separate space to vinyl or rent an office that will get you foot traffic. If your banking on the new work place increasing your revenue then visible advertising helps but a visible store front will help more. Just don't get in over your head man. The less overhead the better!
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    Hooray for Dakotagrafx!

    We could all be vendors, ha ha!
  8. sleeveofwizzard

    Hooray for Dakotagrafx!

    I am sure you will be much better prepared for next years event. I recommend getting started even sooner just in case in other vinyl guys try to swoop in on ya.
  9. sleeveofwizzard

    My very first customer

    Nice work man, keep it up
  10. sleeveofwizzard

    Laser point 2 from us cutter

    I had a 36" laser point 1 and only used the full width twice. When I get a new machine it will be a 24. If you need to be able to cut something that large then go for it but I would recommend checking out smaller machines and supplies with the money you save.
  11. sleeveofwizzard

    Ok who made this one ??

    I am a big anti imported food person. I always look at the packaging very closely because the brand names are deceiving. For example the brand might be America's Best Seafood but somewhere on the package it might list "product of China" or something similar. The FDA and other American agencies only regulate how food is grown / raised in the US not the stuff that's' imported. There could be human waist used, chemicals, pesticides, cross contamination, and much more that you can't know.
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    Anniversary Banner

    Did you ever get a ruling back????!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!?!?!??
  13. sleeveofwizzard

    About Laser Point ii cutter

    Welcome to the forum. Like Slice and Jay are talking about software used for the actual cutting instructions to be sent to the cutter. Corel and Illustrator are great design software but they can not communicate with your cutter. Sure Cuts a Lot Pro (SCALP) is the current supported software available from USCUTTER but they also offer a free program called Signblazer. This is available to download for free from the support section.
  14. I use this method as well for one color decals. Of course this price is for lettering and things that don't require much design time and picked up from my shop / not installed. for a second layor (color) I give a price break from this formula on the second layer (30% to 50% off). Delivery and installation depend on how much time it will take and how far away it is.
  15. sleeveofwizzard

    Anniversary Banner

    I'm sure it will be ok . . . I AM CURIOUS!
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    Looks great with the gold lettering
  17. sleeveofwizzard

    Paying banner gig

    Very nice banner!
  18. sleeveofwizzard

    Paying banner gig

    Nice design sir. Getting everything ligned up might be tricky. Are you going to use registration marks?
  19. Welcome to the forum and good luck. I can't tell you what is required to start a business in Illinois because the laws and rules are different in every state, county and city. Your local city hall will be able to tell you exactly what is required for a home based busniss. Everything I needed was available online including the State tax and IRS registrations. Check out your city and state websites and I am sure you will find most all the info you need.
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    How to make professional refrigerator magnets

    Petro what kind of laminate did you use?
  21. sleeveofwizzard

    Hi All from Metropolis, IL

    Welcome to the forum
  22. sleeveofwizzard

    Need 10 DTG Shirts made

    Maddhattergraphix does DTG printing and has my recomendation.
  23. sleeveofwizzard

    Life hopefully getting less hectic.

    Well good, I am sure your Mom would love a change of scenery. Hopefully things continue on the positive side for you and yours. Keep us posted man
  24. sleeveofwizzard

    a few misc items

    gotta learn some how! Definitely good experience for pricing, time and practice but man that is WAY too low!
  25. sleeveofwizzard

    Birthday Banner!

    Looks great man! I always think of businesses advertising when it comes to banners but I really need to recomend things like this to people.