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  1. I am happy to discover that Vinylmaster is exactly the same as my program "Drawcut" purchased with the SECABO "German" brand. Ther is no support website and then no online help for draw. I can now try to find Vinylmaster helps and videos. I encounter also problems to vectorise some pictures and i really need to reduce a lot the size (in pixels) of some of them. Hopefully, i use them for T-shirts but i can imagine that trying on bigger support may requires bigger files. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
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    Flexi 8.5 help needed

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    Most popular t-shirt colors

    Hello, I am just starting a (very small) professional activity in France, and as others i have mainly white and black shirts that can be flocked with almost any (mono) color, even glossy or textured white on white shirt or "almost" black on black shirt. I also purchase Navy blue or grey (any kind of grey). Regarding the Polos, because some of my (few) customers ask polos for professional use, i do not purchase white or black but only blue (dark for men, light for women) and grey (any kind of gray).
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    New forumer from France

    Hello, Thanks a lot for your welcome. You are right, for the moment, i have decided to print only the front side of the Tshirts. I just have only few with a small title at the back (for a collection i have named "Jungle City" with funny anthropomorphic urban people). I thought only sport shirts with a number or player's name are printed at the back. I had no idea the Tshirts are mostly printed at front in France (or maybe Europe) and more often at the back in US....interesting. I will surf on the forum, but it's a good idea to "internationalize" them.
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    New forumer from France

    Hello, i am new on the forum and that's a real pleasure to be here. I hope i will find information, help and technical tips. And of course i will answer as possible to questions, even older by my small experience. I have opened a small shop with my shirts and i have for the next days the will to test all my different flex to find the best results, in term of graphics and quality. See you soon on any post... Létizia