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  1. LetiCasanova

    Looking for advice for new cutter

    Hello i am not an expert but is it possible to compare a Silhouette (that was for me an instagram product: "ouah i love it!" "it's my new best friend!") with Graphtex or Roland ? I have purchase a Secabo, that is a German product but in fact certainly a classic Chinese rebranded, but i am "a bit" satisfied, and for the price without reading yet other posts on the forum (that i will certainly do in the near futur), i really thought Roland is a good light and cheap choice.
  2. LetiCasanova

    Backing up files

    On a Windows computer, it's very easy also to create a scheduled task with a script. Create a text file you name for exemple Backup_VinylMaster.cmd (.bat or .cmd means batch file). inside this text file : robocopy "C:\ProgramData\FutureCorp\VinylMaster_USC\Cutfiles" "E:\Backup-VinylMaster" /E /R:1 /W:1 And add this file to your windows "task scheduler" to start everyday. Regards, Letizia Casanova
  3. LetiCasanova

    Fonts free for commercial use...

    Thank you for your links. I am installing a module on my prestashop E-shop to allow customers to visually add images or text on a T-shirt, this module uses Google fonts. Then i just discover Google propose some fonts, nothing is really fantastic but they are free for commercial use : Browse Fonts - Google Fonts https://developers.google.com/fonts/faq#can_i_use_any_font_in_a_commercial_product Here is the module : Ecommerce product customizer for visual custom products. | Kickflip (gokickflip.com) With the demo for example : T-Shirt – Kickflip Product Configurator Examples (gokickflip.com) --------------------------------------- leticasanova.fr
  4. LetiCasanova

    What to get? (Heat Press Setup)

    Sorry, when answering i mistake and answered to another similar question : ------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
  5. LetiCasanova

    Heat press pillow

    Hello, by my side i do not use this kind of pillow as i was not sure of the density, and then was afraid to lose too much pressure. I purchased silicon pads 8mm (format 12" x 15" / 30cm x 38cm) for 25€ each. It's almost the same density as the press pad. It does not perfectly absorb the buttons or zip, but you can cut a groove or lunge (translator) for your polo shirt collars for exemple. ------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
  6. LetiCasanova

    Plotter problem

    Ho ! Thanks for the tip, looking for the word "ground" on the forum there are a lot of information. By my side i encounter no problem but by security i will connect my plotter stand to my steel desk stand (or "legs"), even if my plotter is already connected to the power ground and to the stand (yellow cable). Grounding without a Stand - MH Series Vinyl Cutters - USCutter Forum Another way to ground your cutter - General discussion - USCutter Forum I did not imagine what kind of problems we can encounter if we don't ground the plotter : my plotter does not cut and has no pressure - MH Series Vinyl Cutters - USCutter Forum ------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
  7. Thanks a lot, i have already installed the program but the drawcut (vinylmaster) was from now the easiest and fastest way. I have also to use inkscape has i i am start embroidery and the embroidery software is a bit light in vector process. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
  8. I am happy to discover that Vinylmaster is exactly the same as my program "Drawcut" purchased with the SECABO "German" brand. Ther is no support website and then no online help for draw. I can now try to find Vinylmaster helps and videos. I encounter also problems to vectorise some pictures and i really need to reduce a lot the size (in pixels) of some of them. Hopefully, i use them for T-shirts but i can imagine that trying on bigger support may requires bigger files. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leticasanova.fr
  9. LetiCasanova

    Flexi 8.5 help needed

  10. LetiCasanova

    Most popular t-shirt colors

    Hello, I am just starting a (very small) professional activity in France, and as others i have mainly white and black shirts that can be flocked with almost any (mono) color, even glossy or textured white on white shirt or "almost" black on black shirt. I also purchase Navy blue or grey (any kind of grey). Regarding the Polos, because some of my (few) customers ask polos for professional use, i do not purchase white or black but only blue (dark for men, light for women) and grey (any kind of gray).
  11. LetiCasanova

    New forumer from France

    Hello, Thanks a lot for your welcome. You are right, for the moment, i have decided to print only the front side of the Tshirts. I just have only few with a small title at the back (for a collection i have named "Jungle City" with funny anthropomorphic urban people). I thought only sport shirts with a number or player's name are printed at the back. I had no idea the Tshirts are mostly printed at front in France (or maybe Europe) and more often at the back in US....interesting. I will surf on the forum, but it's a good idea to "internationalize" them.
  12. LetiCasanova

    New forumer from France

    Hello, i am new on the forum and that's a real pleasure to be here. I hope i will find information, help and technical tips. And of course i will answer as possible to questions, even older by my small experience. I have opened a small shop with my shirts and i have for the next days the will to test all my different flex to find the best results, in term of graphics and quality. See you soon on any post... Létizia