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    Need help recreating a logo from a image

    It’s not perfect, but the guy likes it. I really appreciate the help! I wish I had known of this place sooner. I started out with a cricut back in like 2020 and actually did both sides of a 18wheeler tow truck using my cricut. The 18wheeler is actually what bought me my big cutter. I’ve done several business signs around the town I live in and actually got to do the cop cars as well. I really think if I knew more about what I was doing I could have a very successful business and that is a dream of mine! Everything I know now is just from someone asking for something and me googling or just doing trial and errors til I got it right. I sure hope one day I will be able to just name the fonts like that! Btw because I’m sure y’all are wondering how Some newbie got to do the cop cars, I live in a very small town in ms and there really isn’t many places to get signs or lettering. Which is also why I know I can be successful if I really could give it my all.
  2. ataylor19

    Need help recreating a logo from a image

    Thank y’all! That’s what I’ve been doing but a lot of the time I’m not very successful with it So I assumed there was probably a different way!
  3. ataylor19

    Need help recreating a logo from a image

    What’s the best way to find what font your looking for?
  4. ataylor19

    Need help recreating a logo from a image

    Sorry I don’t have the best service at my house plus I’ve got 3 kids and a full time job working 50 hours a week outside of this. So I’m just now finding time to check into this. Thank you so much!
  5. I am new to this and I need help figuring out what’s the best way to take a picture of a logo that someone sends me and making it into a vector. I feel like it takes me way to much time to do it the way I’ve been doing it and honestly it just isn’t worth it if it’s going to take so long. Pics of what I’m currently needing done