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  1. That's exactly how it is. I'm surprised it actually cuts. I might try some 60 degree blades to see if it helps.
  2. I pulled the blade holder out and checked the blade depth again. It's still good. It only cuts the vinyl and only marks the bottom sheet. I did wipe the bottom of the blade holder with oil and cleaned it off while I had it out of the cutter. I did another test cut with the speed at 12 and it worked better than before. I'm hoping to do a couple me test cuts in the coming days.
  3. That is exactly how I set the blade depth. I read that when I first got the machine. I pulled the holder out and installed a new blade and did the drag test to set the depth. It cuts the vinyl only. It's like when it changes direction on small parts is where it lifts the vinyl. I tried it slower and it was worse than when it was faster. I tried it on 12 for speed and it was worse than at 60. I will try a new blade and slow down to like 3-5 to see what happens. Thanks!
  4. I weed as soon as it's done cutting. The more pressure I use the more it seems like it picks up corners and drags them along for a little. I pulled the blade holder off and cleaned it out to make sure there wasn't vinyl stuck inside. I have been reading about putting a drop of oil inside so the blade rotates. Is that something that is recommended? My cutting speed is usually in the 30's and the force is around 99g. Thanks!
  5. I'm new to cutting vinyl. Just picked up the titan 3 a couple months ago and I'm finally getting around to trying it. I would like to cut some small logos for my shop. I'm thinking like 3" x 2.5" with lettering. Right now I'm using 45 degree cheaper Blades offered from the uscutter site. I'm using 631 vinyl. The small letters look alright but sometimes they pull up while I'm trying to weed. I did the test cut feature but it still seems to do it. Once I make the logo bigger it works better. What recommendations would you guys have? Thanks!