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  1. vbndoug

    It's Softball Season

    Thanks.. Completely missed that.
  2. vbndoug

    It's Softball Season

    Truck is going the wrong way.. Point to the correct way.
  3. vbndoug

    It's Softball Season

    This is the very first sign I made. Next to the front door of my office. Our new CEO is not a fan of printed paper stuck to the wall with tape. That is why we bought the MH-871.
  4. vbndoug

    It's Softball Season

    @slice&dice So... Bottom red Yellow ball black laces Red laces, White Text back Black Text White stroke on Black text. I guess I could have welded the text into 2 colors, but I wanted the practice.
  5. vbndoug

    It's Softball Season

    This is one of the first items that I created. Car sticker for my step-daughter. I created a logo for her dad and for practice decided to make it as a sticker. 7 layers.. whew..
  6. I did forget to mention, the sign is shared with other companies. I was able to get the old off and used goo gone for adhesive. Some of the white paint has come off, so I am going to put some white vinyl down and logo on top..
  7. My company was recently acquired. With that change, I need to change the signage. The vinyl has been on the sign for years, 10+. I used soap and water and a scraper on one side. Few spots scraped up the aluminum board and still a lot of residue left behind. Any suggestions?