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  1. I just took the plunge and ordered my first embroidery machine - a Brother PE-770. I know very little about machine embroidery other than you need special thread and stabilizer; so off I went "a googling".Well, now I'm so overwhelmed!! Just the needle, type of thread, type of bobbin thread, hoops, stabilizer, and thread alone has my brain like noodles. I'm not sure I'll ever understand what to use with what or why. They make it sound like you'll totally ruin everything you do (and your machine) if you don't use the right stuff with the right stuff.Does anyone have a recommendation for a good book and/or a simple website of basic info and charts on the topics?I was even going to start looking at digitizing software, etc., but I'm wondering if my brain is just too old for this stuff. I had no idea it was so complicated. It didn't look this hard when Sewing with Nancy did it!
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    Hello, I'm currently running SD in the cockpit on a Nexus 7 tablet which has served me well for a number of years. I recently upgraded the OS to Android 5.1 to enable the speech alert outputs to work. This works but the tablet now is very slow and a bit flaky and I think the CPU is not really up to it any more. Hence I'm thinking of buying some thing to replace it. I don't use the tablet for anything else other than SD so don't need the latest whizzbang spec but it needs to be a solid and reliable platform for SD in the cockpit which can do the speech synthesis and has a good bright screen. I'm thinking of going down the iPad route this time, Looking around I can get a refurbed iPad air or air 2 for around £100-£150 which seems reasonable. Would that be a good choice or do folks have any recommendations? Thanks. rugged tablet
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    Heat Transfer vinyl for Hockey Jersey...

    I'm looking for this in MEDIUM, preferably new, and obviously NO FAKES Preferably blank (no name and #) Can anybody help me out?
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    Gasket cutting software

    Anyone done any gaskets ? What materials are safe to cut ? Where to get sheets of said materials (UK)? Rebuilding a professional compressor given to me for free (standard 10BAR). Checked prices for gasket kits and near shattered my jaw at the floor - near 400 quid for service kit. Nope… Need to figure out how to diy them.
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    Printing on sublimation film

    Hi guys,I have some questions and I hope you can share your knowledge with me.I have a small t-shirt business and I do heat press. I use stock transfer papers for printing but I also want to do custom designs, such as adding names and numbers on the back of the shirts.I was thinking to buy small DTG machine but since I work from home and live in a studio unit, I won’t be able to have a place to store the machine. Also, I don’t want to invest in DTG at the moment as it’s on the expensive side.After I go through the several topics, I had a basic knowledge about sublimation printer and how it works but things get confusing after this.As I read, there are many sublimation printers on the market and Epson is used widely.When choosing the printer, you should better off choosing the printer that has available color profile on the internet. Some printers come with 6 different color but most of them has 4 color option. best affordable sublimation printerSince I’m very new to this, I’d like to choose a model that is very easy to use, reliable and doesn’t require some steps to operate. I also prefer a printer that offers white printing. So, I’m wondering which printer do you guys recommend for me? I’m also wondering if I’ll be able to print on cotton hoodies. Some says I can, some says I can only use a garment that has up to %50 cotton. Got confused
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    Newbie Machine Embroidery questions

    any help will be appreciated
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    New business and new to sublimation

    Hi, I am new to this and have bought an 8 in 1 heat press machine, which can do mugs, T-shirts, caps, etc.I am looking to buy a good entry-level sublimation printer and I am looking for some advice. I have a budget of around £200.can anyone give any advice on what printer I should go for which can have a CISS system, as all the printers mentioned in previous threads seem to be at the end of life and can no longer be purchased?can sublimation ink be used in ANY Epson printer?cannot seem to find a definitive list of ink/printer / ciss sublimation kits.any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated.thanks